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Welcome to the Blue Blooded Portfolio

Whenever we’re asked what our favourite thing about denim is, we’ll usually answer something like “the fades.” We’ve realised that’s actually a lie!

Running the risk of sounding a little bit corny and pretentious here, our favourite thing about denim, really, is the people!

For a little over a year from May 2018 to August last year, we’ve posted weekly Q&As with ‘Blue Blooded Instagrammers.’ (You can read all of them here.)

It was a great way to get to know some of the people we’ve been following and admire on Instagram. To learn about how they got into denim, their favourite jeans, their stories.

In collaboration with our in-house photographer, Brian Engblad aka @oddhunt, we’ve now launched a new project, the ‘Blue Blooded Portfolio.’

Session #1: Burg & Schild, January 2020

The first photo session for the Blue Blooded Portfolio took place at the Men’s File party at Burg & Schild during January’s Berlin Fashion Week in January of 2020.

Session #2: Bluezone, February 2020

Our second portrait session took place during the Bluezone trade show in Munich in February 2020.

Download the Portraits in Full Resolution

Should you have any desire to download any or all of the portraits in full resolution, you can do so at Brian’s website,

Please, if you share them, remember to add ©Brian Engblad in the caption and tag @oddhunt on Instagram.

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