The Denim Encyclopedia by Denimhunters is a knowledge base with answers to frequently asked questions about denim and jeans and explanations of how they’re made.

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This section of the Encyclopedia lists and explains the most common and frequently used terms from the world and jeans and denim.

Jeans – trousers made from denim, usually featuring five pockets, a fly front, five belt loops, and a back yoke

Denim – a type of woven twill fabric, usually made from cotton

Raw denim – denim that hasn’t been washed or treated

Roping effect – the abrasion on jeans hems sewn with chain stitching

Pre-washing – industrial processes and abrasive techniques that imitate the fading on naturally worn-in raw denim

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This section of the Encyclopedia is home to everything that relates specifically to the denim fabric. Below are some of the most searched for terms.

Why denim fades – fades happen because the indigo dye doesn’t reach the core of the yarn. When you wear and wash denim, the indigo gradually rubs off

Selvedge – the self-finished edges of denim woven on shuttle looms

Indigo – the colour that makes blue jeans blue

Cotton – a natural fibre from the fruit of the cotton plant

Right hand, left hand, and broken twill – different types of twill weaves

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In this section of the Encyclopedia, you’ll find entries about jeans, their details, and how they’re made.

Rivets – pieces of metal found at the pocket corners of jeans with the purpose of strengthening these stress point

Arcuates –  patterns of stitching on the back pockets of jeans, also known as back pocket signatures

Yoke – the V-shaped section at the back of jeans that give them a curved seat

Coin pocket – a small pocket that’s half-tucked into the left front pocket of jeans

Brand patch – a label found at the waistband of jeans above the right back pocket

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