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In frigid, high-altitude cockpits, the aces of the skies needed the ultimate in high-performance flight jackets. The resulting A-2, B-6, and MA-1 helped pilots rise to the occasion.



Designed and meticulously crafted for high-altitude aviators, shearling bombers survived the war to become uniquely daring piece of civilian outerwear.

An exceptionally bold choice for the modern rebel, those with slender frames should approach these heavy pieces cautiously.

Cockpit USA (formerly Avirex) do exceptionally good modern versions. Eastman and Aero Leathers provide mighty bang-for-buck options, and they stay very close to original specs. The Red Baron of the bunch, though, comes from The Real McCoy’s.

Adopted across subcultures, the MA-1 has become ubiquitous in streetwear fashion. Countless contemporary style icons have thrown their weight behind the jacket, and it continues its long march through contemporary style.

Alpha Industries still make their category-defining version that they debuted in 1961 in a wide range of colours. Buzz RicksonSchott, and Cockpit USA all have great tributes to the classic.

This style ace, which first took flight in the 1930s, takes rebel style to new heights. War-worn originals can still be found in some vintage marketplaces, but prepare to engage in bidding warfare if you want to get your hands on a pristine one.

For virtually the same result, pick up a faithful reproduction from Buzz Rickson’sReal  McCoy’sCockpit USAEastmanAero Leathers, or Shangri-La Heritage.

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