What is Denimhunters?

Denimhunters is a knowledge portal for denim enthusiasts and newcomers. With our Denim Encyclopedia and Well-Made Essentials Buying Guides, we help denim lovers make educated buying decisions.

Here’s what you can expect from this site:

  • Learn the basics of denim to understand construction and materials (here)
  • Discover how to wear and how to wash raw denim to get the best fades
  • Avoid the mistakes that so many new denimheads make, and never ever buy jeans that don’t fit again! (here)

Launched in 2011 as a pioneering denim blog, Denimhunters is a trustworthy source of denim knowledge and advice. It’s a must-read for hundreds of thousands of denim enthusiasts and a leading voice in and for this growing and thriving denim community.

Denimhunters Creation Content Team

The site was launched as a one-man passion project. Over the years, many talented enthusiasts have contributed to the site and shared their stories.

Today, there are two members of the Denimhunters content creation team: Thomas and Bryan.

Thomas Stege Bojer – Editor-in-Chief

Thomas launched Denimhunters and made it the voice for the denim industry and community it is today. He’s a first-mover in the denim blogosphere with deep roots and exceptionally strong relations.

He built a successful freelance career as a storyteller and marketer on the back of Denimhunters. Thomas is also a published author with Blue Blooded (called “a modern denim bible” by critics).

Thomas Stege Bojer

Bryan Szabo – Content Creator

Bryan is the co-founder of the Indigo Invitational Fade Competition. He’s collected and faded raw denim for more than a decade, and spent the last few years cultivating a global community of like-minded denim fade enthusiasts.

By combining his keen interest in made-to-fade and made-to-last menswear with his extensive professional experience as a writer and researcher, Bryan digs down to the bedrock—to locate those denim and workwear essentials that are the core of the looks we love.

Bryan Szabo

He shares his findings in the Well-Made Essentials, our series of buying guides aimed at denimheads who want to fill their wardrobes with a carefully curated collection of category-defining pieces.

How it all began (told by our founder)

The story of Denimhunters goes back to the autumn of 2010 when I, Thomas, wanted to know more about raw denim and why it fades.

When I got my first job in clothing retail back in 2007, I developed a strong passion for denim. I didn’t really know why, I just loved the stuff. And I wanted to know as much about it as possible.

The late 2000s were the heydays of denim forums. I always found them noisy and intimidating. The boldest and loudest leads the conversation. It didn’t suit my shy personality.

With the growing interest in knowledge about denim, I guess brands and retailers realised they needed something to say when their customers asked about raw denim and selvedge weaves.

Combining misconceptions and cheap sales tricks with the fact that few of the self-proclaimed online experts were professionals meant that a lot of the myths took hold and became common denim knowledge.

When I took a sabbatical after I got my BA in 2010, I was working full time as a buyer for a fashion store. Without the obligations of my studies, I started what became my own personal denim education.

My sister-in-law suggested that I should start a blog and that I should call it ‘Denimhunter’ (the ‘s’ was added a year later). I found the name fitting considering the amount of time I was spending researching about denim.

There were a lot of opinions but no truly reliable source to validate the facts. That’s what I wanted Denimhunters to be; something that could connect all the dots as a trusted source of knowledge about denim.

Need help with your denim business?

Denimhunters is a knowledge platform first and foremost. But the site is also home to the consulting services that we offer from our team of independent and multidisciplinary pioneers that have specialised in business development and communication in the global denim business.

In addition to Thomas and Bryan, our team of consultants include:

Brian Engblad – Business development

Brian is our business development specialist. With a master’s degree in psychology and a PhD in International Business Development, he understands the business of consumer behaviour like few others.

His list of references includes Grundfos, LEGO, Gillette, Tesco, Fjällräven, BESTSELLER, Google and Apple, just to name a few.

Brian Engblad

Allan Kruse – Branding, concepts and retail

Allan is our branding, concept development, and retail specialist. He’s a trained designer with +40 years of experience with fashion retail.

Allan’s extensive portfolio includes work for Levi’s, Argon 18, Neutral, Aclima, Closed, Punjab Board of Investment and Trade, and many more.

Allan Kruse

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