Grow your business with storytelling that sells

What was your dream job as a kid? To fight fires? Go to space? Save lives? Me, I just wanted to work with denim. I got my first job selling jeans in 2008 and founded Denimhunters a few years later. This catapulted my career as a marketing consultant.

Today, I’m living the dream. I help denim brands, retailers and suppliers grow their business with stories that excite, engage, and convert.

Get the Results YOU Need

Over the years, I’ve developed my own method that gets you the results you need. I call it the STORY/SELLING BLUEPRINT. It’s a framework I apply to both my B2B and B2C clients across the entire value chain of the denim industry.

If you’re a supplier to brands and vertical retailers, I can help you:

  • Build your story and brand into your customers’ products and marketing;
  • Address challenging topics like sustainability;
  • Establish and grow your presence online and on social media.

If you have a brand and sell your products wholesale, I can help you:

  • Build and grow your B2B sales platforms;
  • Create B2B sales material that boosts your revenue and numbers;
  • Write product texts for all your sales channels.

If you sell through brick-and-mortar retail, I can help you:

  • Train the store staff that sell your products to give better customers guidance.

If you sell through a webshop, I can help you:

  • Get more organic traffic to your webshop;
  • Increase item value and basket size;
  • Lower return rates and discounts.

How It Works

The STORY/SELLING BLUEPRINT is built on six pillars that combine marketing and selling, grouped into Story (the internal) and Selling (the external).

I work with your story to make it relevant and relatable to your customers (PLOT). I review and workshop how you communicate about your products and processes (PRODUCT/PROCESS). I will learn everything we can about your customers to help you better address their needs and desires (PATRON).

When we have your story in place, I work with how you present your brand and products (PRESENTATION) via all the platforms you use (PLATFORM, including best-practice promotion tailored to your brand and products (PROMOTION).

We can work our way through all pillars or you can choose to focus on either your internal activities in STORY or external communication in SELLING. Below are three suggestions for how we can structure efforts and the estimate minimum commitment.


Plot + Product/Process + Patron

12 weeks


Platform + Presentation + Promotion

14 weeks


All six pillars of the BLUEPRINT

20 weeks

No matter what you choose, I will tailor my services and methods to fit your specific needs and situation.




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