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How To Make Raw Denim Last Longer [Video Guide]

When you wear raw denim for months without washing it, you often wear out the denim much quicker than what you might expect.

After a lot of trial and error, I discovered that I could make my raw denim last longer AND get great fades with this super simple denim care trick.

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4 Raw Denim Care Myths That Aren’t All Busted

With raw denim’s spread from niches to masses, several myths about raw denim care have taken hold in the public conscious. As a result, you might be getting really bad advice about how to best take care of your jeans.

This member resource discusses why these 4 raw denim care myths aren’t totally busted: soaking in vinegar, tumble drying, dry cleaning, and the bathtub soak.

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How Denim Is Made: Fabric Finishes

This final episode of my “how denim is made” series discusses how the two kinds of fabric finishes impact the way denim looks and behaves. The trick is to use this knowledge to your advance a make it part of the story you tell.

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    Looking for the bar-none best pair of selvedge jeans? You’ve got options. We’ve cut it down to a dozen makers of the best men’s selvedge jeans.


    A well-faded raw denim shirt is a grail for most denimheads. But it’s tougher to fade than your jeans. Here’re 20 shirts worth the work.

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    If you need a jacket that can stand the cold and look great for decades, this buying guide is the perfect place to start your hunt.

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    The Denim Encyclopedia by Denimhunters is a knowledge base with answers to frequently asked questions about denim and jeans, as well as explanations of how denim and jeans are made.

    The Encyclopedia is divided into sections, each with its own homepage where its entries are listed with brief descriptions and links to read more. The Encyclopedia is continuously updated with new entries.


    This section of the Encyclopedia is home to everything that relates specifically to the denim fabric. You’ll find answers to all your questions about denim and how it’s made.


    Many of the features that define blue jeans started as pragmatic solutions to the problems. Here you’ll find answers to questions about the details of jeans and how they’re made.


    Every business has its own vocabulary. This section lists and explains the most common and frequently used terms from the world and jeans and denim.


    Here you’ll find all entries of the Denim Encyclopedia in alphabetical order. Each entry is explained briefly – you can read more by clicking the link.

    Cuffing is not only a practical way of making your jeans shorter without having to cut and sew, it also looks great.

    This guide explains the eight most common ways to cuff your jeans.

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    If you need to wash your jeans, but you don’t want to change the way they look, wash them by hand.

    It’s the most gentle way you can wash your jeans because there is less agitation, which less risk of unwanted creases.

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    In this section of the Denim Encyclopedia, we investigate and debunk the myths about how to wash raw denim, including not washing for 6 months, ocean washing, dry cleaning and more.

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