2023 Gift Guide: Presents for the Denim Lover in Your Life

This Year, Give the Gift of Essential Clothing and Accessories from Some of Our Favourite Brands

On the surface, denimheads might seem tough to shop for. At the same time, though, they are easy to please—provided you start at the right places and with the right principles. We’ve applied the same criteria that we usually apply for our Well-Made Essentials series, and we’ve come up with the following fail-proof list.

You’ll find twenty gift suggestions below, including leather jackets, flannels, jeans, boots, socks (of course), and lots more. Some of them will make great stocking stuffers. Others will be perfect for the denimhead who has (almost) everything. Do some poking around in their closet and drop a few well-placed hints here and there and you’ll be able to narrow down this list to a few gifts that are guaranteed to please.

You might also be reading this list because you’ll be shopping for yourself. If some of your Christmas gifts come in envelopes, you’ll find a few splurge-worthy goodies on the list below. Happy holidays, and happy shopping.

Rebel’s Wardrobe Book from Gestalten

Essential reading for menswear enthusiasts or the menswear curious, The Rebel’s Wardrobe is crammed full of stories about the casual menswear pieces that are the bedrock of Modern Rebel style. The stylish hardcover looks great on the shelf, but it looks even better on the coffee (or bedside) table.

John Lofgren Boots from Redcast Heritage

Redcast has been leaping from strength to strength, and they’ve recently added John Lofgren’s made-in-Japan boots to their line-up. The brand absolutely cruises into our list of well-made and essential boots, and their veg-tanned Steel Gang boots come out of the box primed for patina.

We’ve rounded up all of the best boots in this buying guide here.

Ultra Heavy Flannel Shirt from Iron Heart

A good sign that your gift has been appreciated is when the receiver immediately takes it out of the packaging and puts it on—and leaves it on. Arguably the world’s best (and warmest) flannel shirt, this won’t spend much time on the hanger. It will move straight from under the tree to the very centre of their daily wardrobe.

See more of the best flannels in our buying guide here.

Blanket Lined Coverall Jacket from Tellason

Durable, stylish, warm, and made in America, it just doesn’t get much better than Tellason’s blanket-lined Coverall Jacket. Perfect for anybody who has ever found themselves one or two pockets short, this one doubles as a wearable toolbox. With one of these hanging on a hook by the door, you’ll be ready for anything.

A denim jacket is a cornerstone piece for denimheads. Find the best here.

Indigofera Blanket from Franklin & Poe

No couch is complete without a wool blanket either folded neatly or just thrown over one of the cushions. Indigofera’s line of blankets are made in Norway (where they know a few things about wool and about staying warm in the winter). These aren’t just warm and well-made blankets. They’re works of art.

Stetson Open Road from Stag Provisions

Measure your partner’s head while they’re sleeping or otherwise distracted and then put something under the tree that will top it all. A beaver hat from Stetson is a loud fashion statement, but, if you get the style and the fit right, the recipient will have something to thank you for for as long as they live.

Anonymous Ism Socks from Clutch Café

Socks are one of those gifts most men can count on finding under the tree each year. Blow away their expectations with these top-shelf socks by Anonymous Ism. Made in Japan from cotton and just a touch of synthetic fibres, they’ll slide on easy and be a handsome complement for boots and other rugged footwear. 

The Real McCoy’s A2 Jacket from Lost & Found

An aviator staple since the 1930s, the A-2 has been worn by everybody from the Cooler King himself, Steve McQueen, to American presidents. Despite its popularity as a photo prop on aircraft carriers, it manages to retain enough of a defiant streak that it’s perfectly at home in the rebel’s wardrobe. Nobody does it as well as The Real McCoy’s. 

Looking for another leather jacket? Find a well-made one here.

Buzz Rickson’s x William Gibson MA-1

When William Gibson dressed one of his characters in a black MA-1 in one of his books, Pattern Recognition, he was giving a nod to Japan’s premier military reproduction specialists. Trouble is, they didn’t make one in black (and never had). Buzz Rickson’s teamed up with the author to produce this stellar blacked out MA-1, turning fiction into reality. 

Visit our winter jacket buying guide to find more cold-weather warmth here.

Wool CPO from Benzak

Amsterdam’s Benzak Denim Developers produce some of our favourite European selvedge, and they’ve been gathering steam in the last couple of years. This 14 oz. CPO might be the best overshirt they’ve ever produced. With shield-shaped chest pockets and a pair of handwarmers on the hips, it’s as warm as it is practical. 

Check out our buying guide to CPOs and overshirts here.

Custom Shirt from SOSO

The sky’s the limit with SOSO. If you think you’ve got his tastes and measurements absolutely nailed, prove it with a full custom piece that you think will look great on him. If you’re less than certain, grab a gift card so he can pick his own fabric and details, cutting and trimming it however he likes. Either way, it’ll definitely be right up his alley. 

Looking for a ready-made denim shirt? Visit our buying guide here.

Unique Garment Garrison Belt from Corlection

A veg-tan leather belt, like this absolute stunner from Unique Garment, is the gift that keeps giving. After about a year of steady use, the belt will develop rich brown and amber tones that will put all other factory-made belts to shame. Once you’ve put a proper patina on a belt, there’s simply no going back. 

Looking for a darker leather or a different buckle? Visit our belt guide.

“Top Gun” G-1 Leather Jacket from Cockpit USA

Cockpit USA was founded by the same leatherworker that founded Avirex, producers of some of the ‘80s and ‘90s most iconic streetwear leather jackets. It’s only fitting that Cockpit USA now produces what is arguably the best version of the G-1 jacket, which has been an absolute ace ever since Top Gun was released in 1986.

Full Count Jeans from Blue in Green

Of course, nothing excites a denimhead more than a fresh pair of jeans. When we think of the holidays, we think of warm and cozy evenings spent with family and friends, so it seems fitting that we recommend something on the softer side. Full Count’s pairs more than fit the bill, and no denim collection is complete without at least one pair from the Osaka brand. 

If you need more inspiration for jeans, start with our Selvedge Masterlist.

Heimat Signal Stripes Sweater and Watch Cap

This German knitwear maker’s sweaters are so thick that you’ll need two rolls of wrapping paper to get them ready to put under the tree. There are dozens of incredibly stylish and warm sweaters to choose from in their lineup, but it’s this fine-striped beauty that makes the biggest splash in our books. For bonus points, grab a watch cap in a complementary colour. 

We’ve made a list of the best sweaters, which you can check out here.

Reigning Champ Sweats from Brooklyn

Once all the turkey’s been eaten and all the presents have been unwrapped, it’s best to spend a little time in a horizontal position with the snacks within arm’s reach. This is not the time for heavy and stiff selvedge. Break out the sweats. A matching set from Canada’s Reigning Champ might be made for athletics, but they’re just as good for doing absolutely nothing

Grant Stone Diesel Boots

Nothing pairs as well with selvedge as a beautiful pair of boots. Grant Stone manage to produce some truly remarkable boots for not a lot of money. If that denimhead in your life has been eyeing some leather footwear for a while but hasn’t yet pulled the trigger on a pair, something from Grant Stone might earn you a solid year’s worth of brownie points. 

Dehen Belted Shawl Coat from Division Road

One more sweater, this time from the good people at Dehen1920. The American knitwear brand has led the pack for more than a century. This Belted Shawl Coat is more than just a sweater. It’s an heirloom. A sweater like this speaks volumes about the wearer’s (or gifter’s) sharp eye for style and quality. 

Thurlow Deerskin Slippers from Sullivan Glove

Give those tired old bunny slippers a rest and slip into these drum-dyed deerskin slippers from Sullivan Glove. They’ll change colours beautifully over the years, and the memory foam sole will have you shuffling around the house in absolute comfort. If you’re going to put your feet up by the fire, do it in a pair of these.

Otter Anchor Knife from Bradley Mountain

Slip this one into their stocking and watch them use it to cut absolutely every ribbon or piece of string in sight. Pocket-sized and gorgeous, this foldable stunner will be perfect for all those fellas who never seem to be able to find the scissors when they’re needed.


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