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Raw denim has gone from the niches to the masses. Along its way to commercialisation, myths and false assumptions about how to wash and care for raw denim have taken hold in the public conscious.

That means you might be getting (or giving) poor – or even outright wrong – advice about how to take care of your jeans.

Why? Because stories about people that put their jeans in the freezer or wash them in the ocean are clickable. Mainstream media often talk about (raw) denim care from a sensationalistic angle.

Washing raw denim jeans
Don’t forget to turn your jeans inside out!

Sure, these stories have a certain entertainment value that gets more people interested in denim. But they also lead a new generation of denimheads to make the same mistakes we did in the mid-00s because they’re getting the same bad advice!

We’ve been sharing knowledge about denim since 2011. We know why some of these myths are (totally) busted and should be put to rest once and for all.

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Myth #1: Clean raw denim in the freezer => BUSTED

The premise of this myth is the flawed idea that low temperatures remove unwanted odours in your jeans by killing the bacteria that cause the smell.

Learn why this myth is BUSTED here …

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Myth #2: Ocean washing gives great fades => BUSTED

The premise here is that washing your raw denim in the ocean and then rubbing them with sand should give you great fades.

Click here to learn why it’s BUSTED …

Myth #3: Don’t wash for 6 months or more => PLAUSIBLE

Here, the premise is that wearing your raw denim jeans for at least six months before you wash them ensures great fades. It can. But there’s a great catch!

Learn why we argue this myth is PLAUSIBLE …

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Photo courtesy of @kingyuyiu

Myth #4: Wear your jeans in the bathtub => PLAUSIBLE

This myth says that wearing your jeans in a bathtub and then letting them dry on your body will help set creases in the ‘right’ places and shape the garment to your body, which leads to great fades.

We don’t recommend it, but this myth is plausible. Find out why here …

Myth #5: Don’t tumble dry raw denim => CONFIRMED

The premise here is that tumble drying is not good for your jeans because it changes how the denim looks and feels. And it uses unnecessary energy.

Click here to learn more about why we argue this myth is confirmed …

Myth #6: Vinegar helps retain indigo colour => CONFIRMED

The premise of this myth is that vinegar retains the colour of the fabric. In other words, keeping raw denim as dark as possible.

Learn why this myth is confirmed …

Photo courtesy of Denim Artist P.P.

Myth #7: Dry cleaning keeps denim raw => BUSTED

The premise of this myth is that dry cleaning jeans will make them stay raw, meaning you won’t get that washed look. But does it actually work?

Click to find out why this myth is busted …

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Wiki home » Raw denim care myths

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