To Wash or Not?

Should you wash your denim or not? That’s one of the hottest questions in the raw denim scene. And every five years or so, mainstream media ask it again.

Our founder, Thomas, has been sharing his knowledge and opinion on the topic for more than a decade with guides like the ones below.

(Spoiler alert: We think you should wash your jeans. But maybe not as frequently as you’re used to.)

How to wash jeans - honeycombs
Denim Care To Wash or Not?

The Only ‘How to Wash Jeans’ Guide You’ll Ever Need

How we wash our jeans sometimes feels like a complicated form of art. If selling jeans is part of your job but don’t provide the right washing guidance, you can get in serious trouble.

The two step-by-step washing guides and the ‘‘3-question tool for better jeans washing guidance’ in this article will help you determine what kind of washing advice your customers need.

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