Lesson 1 in the Video Course About Benzak Denim Developers

I’ve known Lennaert Nijgh ever since he launched the first crowdfunding campaign for his brand, Benzak Denim Developers. But it was only when we decided to make a course about his brand that I learned how to pronounce his last name (which you’ll hear me do in the video above).

It’s the first lesson in a branded staff training course that Lennaert and I co-produced with his retailers in mind. When you work with a brand in retail, the story of that brand is essential for adding value to the garments when you’re pitching them to customers.

So, to give you a proper foundation to work with, Lennaert and I agreed that the first lesson should be about the story of his brand.

Lennaert explains his two guiding principles, and how the brand’s built on his passion. He also discusses how the ‘Made in Japan’ line is the best he’s able to make, why he created the ‘European made’ line, and how it’s turning BDD into a lifestyle brand.

You can find all the four lessons of the course here.

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