Men’s File’s Editor-in-Chief Takes You on a Tour Around Tokyo

The Clutch Collection Show (often abbreviated the CC Show) in Yokohama, Tokyo is a biannual trade show for and about heritage style fashion. As the name suggests, the show is organised by Clutch Magazine and it’s partner magazine, Men’s File.

Nick Clements

The CC Show is a unique opportunity for buyers and storekeepers from the heritage niche of the fashion scene to discover Japanese brands they wouldn’t otherwise be able to find. For that reason alone, the show attracts visitors from all over North America, Europe and Asia.

The 2020 spring edition of the show was scheduled for March 11-12. But due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the show was cancelled.

Now, with this episode of The Denim & Boots Podcast, you can still go to Tokyo. Sort of.

During the show in October last year, editor-in-chief of Men’s File, Nick Clements, recorded an audio montage as he walked around Tokyo and visited some of his favourite spots in Tokyo.

We got the opportunity to share Nick’s montage as a special collaboration between Men’s File, Denimhunters and The Denim & Boots Podcast.

You’ll hear Nick explain what he sees and the people he talks to (in Japanese!) as he walks around the streets of Tokyo.

You can listen to the podcast in the player above or in your favourite podcast app. While you’re there, make sure you’re subscribed to the show. And if you like it and what us to do more, please leave us a 5-star rating and a positive review.

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