Robin Meijerink Shares the Secrets Behind His Success on Instagram

In this episode of The Denim & Boots Podcast, I’m joined by the Insta-famous Robin Meijerink aka Robin Denim.

We talk about Robin’s story, how he got into denim, and what he’s learned from running one of the successful Instagram accounts in the world of raw denim.

Robin’s built an impressive following on his Instagram page, @robindenim, and he also has the website,

Want better photos for Instagram?

In the FAQ of this episode, I share three tips about how to take better photos for Instagram:

Tip #1: Light is SUPER important

If you don’t have a photo studio available – which I guess most of us don’t – you get the best results from shooting your photos outside in indirect sunlight.

Tip #2: Think about the background

The background that your subject (you, your jeans, whatever) is in front of in your pictures tells the viewer a lot about you.

Bonus tip: Consider using a tripod to better control the background. I use a Huawei AF15 selfie stick, which has a remote Bluetooth shutter, to take most of the photos where I’m in the shot.

Tip #3: Don’t go crazy with editing!

It’s tempting to max out on contrast and definition to really make your fades pop. But be careful, it can easily look unnatural, which you don’t want.

What you should do is try to match the colour tone in your shot with the true colour of the denim. Not too hot, not too cold. That will give you the best result.

For a much more in-depth guide on how to take better photos of your jeans, check out this post.

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Featured image by Hans Jellema. Ps. the video Robin mentions in the interview, you can watch the here.


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