Video Q&A with Robin Meijerink

For the 23 weeks in a row now, Tuesday has been ‘Blue Blooded Instagrammer day’ here at Denimhunters.

It’s been a whole lot of fun getting to know so many of the guys and girls I’ve come to know through Instagram. And based on the feedback the series is getting, you’ve been enjoying it too.

So far, I’ve followed the tried-and-tested formula of emailing out questions and getting back answers. It works. The only “problem” is that you don’t truly get to meet the person behind the answers. That’s about to change! ?

I’m very excited to share the first video Q&A in the series. And who better to launch this debut with than someone who’s never given a video interview before, Mr Robin Meijerink aka the Insta-famous @robindenim (and @robindenimfades). Recorded at Amsterdam Denim Days 2018.

So sit back and get ready to watch Robin tell his story.

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