What Flat Head’s Closure Means for ‘Made in Japan’ with Indigoshrimp (S02E04)

The Denim & Boots Podcast, Season 2, Episode 4

Three episodes in to season 2 of the podcast, and we’ve learned about the origins of heritage style with Nick Clements; W. David Marx (the author of Ametora) has talked about how Japan saved American style; and industry-veterans, Pete Searson and Tony Patella aka Tellason have explained why chosing ‘made in Japan’ was really the only option after White Oak closed in 2017.

This week on the podcast, Jake his picking up the mic in an interview with Mike from Indigoshrimp to talk about some of the changes we’re currently in the heritage style industry.

Specifically, they talk about the closure of The Flat Head, which was announced not long before the recording.

This leads them to discuss how other Japanese brands may shut down when owners retire, due to poor sales, or because there simply aren’t enough Japanese craftspeople to make the products.

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  1. Hey, just wondering what you said was your other favorite denim sewer alongside Roy. I couldn’t quite understand the name!

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