Moving to Japan for Denim with Mike from Wild Frontier Goods (S02E05)

The Denim & Boots Podcast, Season 2, Episode 5

Mike Falkner from Wild Frontier Goods has done something many of us denimheads probably dream about; he’s moved to Japan for denim.

He got into raw denim in the mid-00s. As he tells it on the podcast, the story goes something like this:

Mike had a friend back home in his native Florida who ran a little fashion boutique. One day, Mike was buying a pair of Diesel jeans, and they’d just received a shipment of Nudie jeans. Mike didn’t completely ‘get it,’ but when he got home, he checked out the MyNudie forum. The next day, he went back and bought a pair.

Fast forward a few years and Mike won the first Naked & Famous denim fading contest. He was hooked!

Listen to the episode to hear about how Mike ended up in Japan, and what it’s like to live out there.

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