How Bryan from The Rite Stuff Built His Brand (S01E16)

The Sixteenth Episode of The Denim & Boots Podcast

In this episode, Jake and I are joined by Bryan Shettig from The Rife Stuff to talk about how he built his brand.

You’ll learn how Bryan got into denim and heritage style, how he ended up living in Taiwan, and how he gets his clothes made in Japan with the help of none other than John Lofgren.

News of the week

Before we get into the interview, Jake has a couple of pieces of news to share.

First of all, Conner’s Sewing Factory is closing down production of the S-series. For now, at least.

Secondly, we talk about a thread on reddit about our podcast. Generally, the crowd on reddit isn’t overly positive, but I guess that was expected.

Bryan also shares that he just got in the sample for the restock of his popular loopwheeled pocket tee.

Listener questions

At the end of the episode, we answer a question about why unsanforized denim gets heavier after wash, which listeners Robert Tudisco and Paul ‘Glowingglass’ both asked.

People and companies we mention

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