Season 3 of the Podcast Launches with Iron Heart Interview (S03E01)

Iron Heart‘s Alex and Giles Padmore Join Me on The Denim & Boots Podcast

So, what happened to the podcast? Why did it stop just as season 2 was getting going? Did you guys get mad at each other?!

I haven’t counted how many times I’ve been asked questions like these from listeners. But it’s a lot! I know Jake has gotten similar questions. It’s been humbling and very motivational to get it going again.

The true (and less dramatic) reason is simply that we got too busy to make a recording schedule with a 9-hour difference between the two hosts work.

In the trailer we put out last week, we talk more about what happened and what to expect from the podcast going forward. (You can listen to the trailer here.)

We also reveal who we’re planning to bring onto the show. And I’m very excited that we’re launching the season with an interview I did with Alex and Giles Padmore of Iron Heart International.

We talk about how Iron Heart got started. How motorcycling has been a key source of inspiration for the brands and how the garments are designed since day one.

Ready to buy some Iron Heart gear? I highly recommend their webshop. You can also check out their list of stockists to find a retailer near you.

We also talk about heavyweight clothes and the appeal of it, and how Iron Heart do things rather differently online than most other brands. And lastly, we talk about the future of Iron Heart.

You can listen to the podcast in the player above or in your favourite podcast app. While you’re there, make sure you’re subscribed to the show. And if you like it and what us to do more, please leave us a 5-star rating and a positive review.

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