Life After Instagram with Greg @denimhound (S01E18)

The Eighteenth Episode of The Denim & Boots Podcast

On this episode of the podcast, Jake and I are joined by Greg Tamura aka ‘The Denim Hound.’ Greg started his denim review blog about four years ago, not long after he’d started his Instagram page.

It was through Instagram that Greg and I first got in touch about three years ago. Since then, I’ve done a review of the Kojima Genes x SF collab jeans that Greg put out last years (link here), and he’s been featured on the blog as Blue Blooded Instagrammer #38. On top of that, both Greg and Jake are part of the LADenimHangs crew. So we’re all buddies ✌?

Throughout this interview slash discussion episode, Greg shares his thoughts on blogging, being an influencer (whether that’s something you intentionally strive to be or not), and why there’s more to life than Instagram.

News of the week

We begin the episode with what Greg calls ‘the Denimhunters news flash’⚡?

Premiering on July 26 on YouTube, the NYC-based media production company, Convicts, have made a documentary travel series that examines the past, present and future of blue jeans.

The series is called Common Thread and the host is Scott Morrison, founder of 3×1. We follow Scott who travels in search of authenticity and sustainability in the rapidly changing world of denim.

In the first episode, Scott goes to Italy where he visits Diesel and my good friends and Candiani Denim and Tonello.

Links to things we mention

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1 thought on “Life After Instagram with Greg @denimhound (S01E18)”

  1. Jake’s obsession with the word “better” and being right is obnoxious and childish. Thank you Greg for being so thoughtful and composed throughout and Thomas for shutting that isht down.

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