How Denim is Made Determines How It Fades (S01E06)

The Sixth Episode of The Denim & Boots Podcast

It’s now three week’s since Jake and I launched The Denim & Boots Podcast. And honestly, we couldn’t have hoped for a more positive reception of it. Thank you to everyone who’s listening, sharing, asking questions, and generally just spreading the love.

So far, we’ve been telling our stories in episode #1, introducing the two key topics of the podcast in episodes #2 and #3, and giving overviews of the jackets and boots denimheads often wear with their jeans in episodes #4 and #5, respective.

Now it’s time to get seriously deep into what I guess you could call my topic; denim.

In episode #6, we discuss the five stages of making denim, and how they each affect the fades you can expect.

The five stages are:

You can get an of the production of denim in my beginner’s guide. If you want to dive deeper into each of the stages, have a look at my ‘how denim is made‘ series. The making of denim is also a key part of my book, Blue Blooded.

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