10 Industry Insider Argue Why Bluezone is a Must-Visit Trade Show

I’ve been going to denim fabric trade shows regularly for the past five years or so. They’re like a glimpse into the future; you get to see denim collections and trends that won’t hit the streets and Instagram feeds for another 12-18 months.

In Europe, we have three main denim trade shows. Denim PV, Kingpins, and Bluezone. While they’re similar in the sense that the exhibitors are mills and makers, and target visitors are mainly designers and developers, the three shows are widely different.

I visited Bluezone for the first time two years. The show’s denim curator, Panos Sofianos, invited me to promote my newly published book, Blue Blooded, as part of the launch tour I was doing.

I was immediately drawn in by the friendly yet professional atmosphere of the show, which—as far as I see it—is a direct reflection of the organisers and how they run things. Smooth, efficient, focused. Some would say German, but the show has a hint of laidback southern European casualness, which makes it quite un-German.

At the last show in January, my relations with the organiser had developed to the point where I was sort of an unofficial media partner, I guess. That was also when I really started focusing on videos.

I brought a videographer with we, invited more than a dozen experts to be interviewed on camera, and did most of the interviews in only one day, in dipping hot 35°C (95°F) heat on a balcony in the Keyhouse building.

Why Bluezone?

The last question I asked everyone I interviewed was ‘why Bluezone?’. I wanted to know why they’re visiting the show, and why they’d recommend others to do so too.

With the next show less than two weeks out from the time this blog post goes live, Tricia Carey, Simon Giuliani, David Shah, Mohsin Sajid, Adriano Goldschmied, Giovanni Petrin, Panos himself, Maarten Wentholt, John-Randy Anthony, and Stefano Aldighieri argue why you should miss it!

Stay tuned for more Bluezone interviews!

At the next upcoming Bluezone show on September 4-5, 2018, I’ve teamed up with Wouter Munnichs aka Long John to do a dozen new interviews, which we will publish throughout the rest of the year.

Amongst others, we’ll be talking to Clobber Calm, Koen Kuik, Piero Turk, Gerold Brenner, and many more.


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