The Two Trends That Dictate How Jeans Fits Right Now

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If you ask me, the most important thing in a pair of jeans is how they fit. And I’d always advise picking a fit that works well with your body type.

Still, I do realise that most consumers, at least to some extent, let fashion dictate how their jeans fit. With that in mind, I asked some of the denim specialists I met at Bluezone back in January what’s happening with fits for the upcoming seasons.

They all mention two trends that are dominating the market right now.

To find out what the two trends are, watch the video above with trend forecaster Kelly Harrington; Bluezone‘s denim curator Panos Sofianos; Sportswear International‘s Sabine Kühnl and Dirk Lehmann; Tilmann Wröbel of Monsieur-T.; denim developer Maarten Wentholt; and Wouter Munnichs from Long John.

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Featured image by Cal Geary.


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