How to Go From Instagrammer to Retailer [Video Interview]

Interview with Ben of Clobber Calm Supply Co. and the Clobber Calm Instagram

If you were to put an emoji to Benjamin Woodhouse (aka Clobber Calm) and what he’s achieved in only three years, it would be a rocket.

“It all started with an Instagram feed,” Ben writes in his profile on the social media, “and somehow I ended up a retailer!”

Quite literally, he’s turned his Instagram feed into a blog, a podcast, as well as a store—both online and good ol’ fashioned brick-and-mortar!

How did he do this in only three years? “There’s no secret,” he told me when we met in Amsterdam during Kingpins. “It’s just lots of work!”

“Don’t do it for money!”

Ben may not have started out with the goal of opening a store. But he did seize opportunities as they came his way. Plus he’s been working with fashion retail ever since he got thrown out of college at 16.

On top of that, he obviously knows the value of storytelling. Just look at that Instagram profile text!

He also understands influencer marketing. The fact that the 10@10 blog posts were about influencers who all shared the posts, which meant they reached a massive audience. Basically, Ben created an army of ambassadors for his blog. Brilliant!

Most importantly, though, he’s genuinely interested. And he’s a genuinely nice guy!

In the end, his key piece of advice is not to do it for money! It has to come from the heart. “It’s that simple,” he concludes.

If you haven’t done so already, go back to the top of this blog post and watch the 6-minute video interview I recorded with Ben when we met at Kingpins in Amsterdam.


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