Must-Follow Instagrammers: Ladies in Denim

23 Instagram Feeds Run by Blue Blooded Ladies You Should Follow

A picture is worth a thousand words. You’ve probably heard that one before. So is a post on Instagram worth the same as a 1000-word blog post? In some cases, it might be (something I wish I’d realised sooner!).

Instagrammers are the new kind of bloggers. The main differences are the platform they use and the speed with which they can post new stuff.

On the face of it, denim Instagrammers are not that different from the ‘look-a-me bloggers’ of the late 2000s, which I so passionately resented when I started blogging myself.

And sure, Instagrammers might come across as a bit superficial, but the thing that really sucks you in is the community aspect of platform. That’s why I’m now spending around an hour a day on the platform!

I’m a Blogger Bloggin’ About Instagram

A couple of months ago, I decided I wanted to celebrate the denim community on Instagram that’s so warmly embraced me lately. That turned into the weekly series of in-depth Q&As with what I call ‘Blue Blooded Instagrammers.’

The Q&As are a great way to really get to know some of the people I’ve come to know. And the posts have been really popular! That’s what I’ve decided to expand my focus on Instagram with another series; featuring several people and profiles in each post. I call it ‘must-follow Instagrammers.’

Quite simply, I’ll be curating lists of Instagrammers within certain categories that I think you should follow. And, because you should always strive to be a gentleman, let’s meet the ladies first!

Rain Delisle @indigo_proof

Rain Delisle first popped up on the denim radar when she ran Self Edge’s denim tailoring shop Darn-it! in San Francisco. There, she started blogging before and after photos of her denim repairs under the name ‘Indigo Proof.’

When she returned to Portland, she launched own denim repair and tailoring shop, Indigo Proof Denim Repair, which offers her denim repair services worldwide via mail-order. Her private Instagram is called rainbowe.

Katy Katazome @storymfg

Katy is half of the duo behind @storymfg. Next to making great indigo garments and running her Instagram, she also works as a trend forecaster together with Sue Barrett as Denim Forum.

Et opslag delt af Katy Katazome (@katykatazome) den

The Denim Girl @denim_girl_jeans

Her feed is most close-ups of her own denim items, mainly Japanese. Her name is Vicki Bale, she lives in rural England with her two labradors, and she’s the owner and managing director of Priors Period Ironmongery, which specialises in door and window furniture and bathroom fittings.

I have loved denim all my life but never really realised Japanese denim existed or how to purchase it until about five years ago,” she writes to me.

Because she has her own business, she can wear denim all the time and (like any denimhead’s surely experienced) she sometimes struggles to select anything else from her wardrobe.

I’m ashamed to admit that I have many more jeans than I could ever wear out, and that goes for jackets and shirts too.” Vicki, you’re not alone!

Vicki is on Instagram because of the community, and because she wants to show that women can be denimheads too! Her favourite jeans feature is, “without a doubt, the texture of denim and how it fades.” Besides denim, she’s a sports fan and an Iron(wo)man and triathlete. Hardcore!

Ame Pearce @amepearce

Ame is a denim designer by trade and the owner of Fast Women brand, which is all about the love for motorcycles, denim and life on the road.

It’s inspired by a global collective of women living life in the fast lane and doing badass things,” Ame writes to me.

The collections focus on tough apparel, creating good quality workwear and denim bearing women in mind.

Et opslag delt af Aimless (@amepearce) den

Et opslag delt af ??Amy Leverton?? (@denimdudes) den

Amy Leverton @denimdudes and @denim.dudettes

No list of ladies in denim without Amy Leverton. In fact, she’s so influential she’s on the list twice with both Denim Dudes and Denim Dudettes! ?

Et opslag delt af Denim Dudettes (@denim.dudettes) den

Suzie @denimbitch

If you follow Clobber Calm‘s blog, you’ve probably come across Suzie and her “pins” of Californian denim retailers. Her profession, though, she describes as, “TV news photographer/mental health therapist/home staging assistant.”

Et opslag delt af suzie (@denimbitch) den

On her Instagram, she posts pictures of her denim and boots collection, one that would make most guys jealous! ? But it took her a little while to figure out the best way to use the platform and what to post about. What won her over, like so many others, was the network with other denimheads and lovers of quality goods. “It’s like a treasure trove of good people.”

I really love well-made items, really anything that is made by a person and can eventually have a unique quality to it.”

Her favourite feature on jeans is the back pockets. “If they’re good, they’re really good. If they’re bad, they’re really bad,” she writes. “They can really make or break a pair of denim.”

Harmony @harmonyhendrickx

Harmony’s feed is a mix of vintage photos, indigo, and snaps from her life. Living in Amsterdam, she’s a photographer, maker, and owner of @ckxstudio, a concept store around all things blue and sustainable located in the centre of the Dutch capital. Some of what she sells she makes herself!

I work a lot with cyanotype, a 19th-century photographic technique, better known as ‘blueprint.’ I also do indigo handcraft, and give workshops in both cyanotype and indigo.”

She loves how Instagram gets people with the same interest together. “I love seeing how other people use their sense of style, or to get in contact with denimheads for meet-ups.” (Last April, Harmony organised a denim dinner during Kingpins.)

Being a fan of the fit and style of 1930s-50s jeans cuts, her favourite feature on jeans be the cinch back buckle. She’s also a big fan of vintage workwear, so holes, fades, darnings, and other repairs really make her heart beat a little faster too.

Jess Murray @thepoorwillway

Jess is the lady behind Poorwill (formerly Aegis Handcraft) and a self-proclaimed “proud weirdo and workaholic who enjoys drinking the occasional milkshake in the shower.” She also loves wearing men’s jeans and denim in general!

Instagram has allowed me to find my tribe. I’ve met so many new friends! It’s also helped my  grow  my brand, and it serves as a great source for inspiration.”

Her favourite feature of jeans; pockets! “I’m obsessed with pockets I can actually put my hands and wallet in! That said, I’m a seam nerd. I love incognito, subtle, stitching details.” ?

Et opslag delt af Jess Murray (@aegishandcraft) den

Bryce Pizano @heypizano

Bryce Pizano makes really cool denim shirts for women (and men) ? Next to that, she works full time at Trader Joe’s.

About five years back, I got seriously in to raw denim. There weren’t a lot of options for women at the time, and I was a bit too nervous to try a men’s fit.”

Et opslag delt af Bryce (@heypizano) den

Her favourite feature on jeans is the back pocket! “It may seem weird, but as a woman who wears mostly men’s jeans, it can be a real deal breaker if the pocket is too oversized or placed too low.”

Working at a grocery store, Bryce is able to wear her jeans daily. Besides her Instagram and brand, she also wants to help other ladies get in to the denim style, which is why she’s starting a website about women’s heritagewear together with Mirka (who you’ll meet further into this post).

Kerstin Neumüller @korvtrast

Kerstin’s half of Stockholm’s Second Sunrise store, which she runs together with Douglas Luhanko. The couple has also authored the book Indigo, which you can read more about here.

I’ve spent most of my adult life exploring different textile crafts. I was studying to become a bespoke menswear tailor when I met my boyfriend and partner Douglas. After I finished studying, we started working together in the store we later bought.”

Kerstin’s favourite feature of jeans is the indigo (the topic she co-wrote a book about). “I find it fascinating how this dyestuff that has been used for 6,000 years still is a staple in our closets, and the colour itself never ceases to fascinate me.”

Et opslag delt af Kerstin Neumüller (@korvtrast) den

Dani @tall.denim

Dani is short for Danielle. The name for her Instagram account comes from the fact that she’s  6’1” (183 cm). Dani lives in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado where she works as an administrative assistant.

My boyfriend and I started my page as an experiment for women’s fashion and it took off so much better than we expected!”

Her favourite feature on jeans is the pockets.

Et opslag delt af Dani (@tall.denim) den

Taylor @taylorofrailcar

Et opslag delt af taylor (@taylorofrailcar) den

Roxanne @roxrocks86

Her name is Roxanne but you might know her as roxrocks86, which is her username both on Instagram and on the Iron Heart forum. She was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. A drywaller by trade, she’s working with home remodelling and renovation.

I was never big into social media. I used Instagram mostly to see what people were up to. It’s where I learned about selvedge denim and how I stumbled upon Iron Heart.”

One of the forum members suggested she should set up a public Instagram account, so she did. And like Suzie, Bryce, Jess and Dani, Roxanne’s favourite feature of the jeans are the pockets, “always have been for some odd reason.”

Et opslag delt af @roxrocks86 den

Lisa @blaewen

Lisa lives in Melbourne where she works as a data manager. Besides denim, she enjoys coffee, powerlifting, reading and a growing collection of houseplants.

I started my Instagram account because I didn’t know any other denimheads – and definitely no lady denimheads,” she writes. “The best part of Instagram has been the opportunity to chat with people who ‘get’ the obsession.”

Et opslag delt af @blaewen den

Lisa loves a good custom button, “to me, it’s just that extra mile that makes a pair special.” Her favourite button of all time would have to be Momotaro’s peach button.

Lisa also recommends you check out @mamacat1991, @natolie, @alphakumi, and a few of the ladies already mentioned above.

Et opslag delt af Kumi J (@alphakumi) den

Mirka @thislittlebirddecidedtofly

Her full name is Mirka Markkula and she’s a “sales lady” at Pinkomo Store in Helsinki, Finland. She has a loud laugh and a big smile, and her passion white tees, blue jeans and roughed-up boots is almost as big as her never-ending love for forests and stormy seashores.

My love for jeans comes from my love for classics. I’ve been wearing jeans my whole adult life with a mindset of forever searching the perfect pair, as a curvier girl it’s been a challenge for sure, but I like challenges.”

Besides her job, her Instagram account, and her own website, Mirka also created the website Blue Birds of Denim together with Bryce Pizano. “We want to share the love and struggle with other ladies, hopefully helping them along the way.”

Mirka started using Instagram very early on, and she’s found a lot of like-minded friends through Instagram around the world. “It’s an amazing way to grow your network and get to know people you otherwise meet.”

I’m not too picky about how my feed looks; I’m very spontaneous about it. I don’t like to use filters or make things look different than they are. Real life all the way!” ?

Her favourite feature of jeans is that they make her feel confident and sexy in a way that not many clothes do. “The fit obviously has to be great, as we have different needs than men. Pockets need to be in the right spot.”

Amanda Barnes @23oz.indigo

23oz.indigo is run by denim designer Amanda Barnes, who’s also part of the Clobber Calm team.

In her role as a designer, she’s visited several factories and trade shows and met makers and manufacturers. This has fuelled her passion for all things denim and indigo, and she’s now a self-confessed denim tourist who’s also looking for opportunities to learn more.

Et opslag delt af 23oz.indigo (@23oz.indigo) den

Her feed is mainly an outlet for things she’s seen and a record of things that have inspired her.

I would always take pics of anything inspiring on my travels as I am fascinated with factory machinery, colourful images and the denim processes. So when I found Instagram, it was the perfect platform to share these.

Her favourite feature of the jean is the fabric itself.

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The featured image of Amy Leverton’s latest book was taken by Mohsin Sajid.


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