Best Made vs. Best Marketed Boots with Carl Murawski (S01E12)

The Twelfth Episode of The Denim & Boots Podcast

After two episodes about denim, it’s time to talk about boots. In other words, it’s time for Jake to do most of the talking.

In this one, we’re joined by YouTuber and product reviewer, Carl Murawski.

Carl has built a successful YouTube channel with +37k followers at the time of recording this episode. He’s done so by sharing honest and well-produced reviews about quality clothes, boots and accessories.

In this episode, you’ll hear Carl’s story and how it all started with a side business he ran as an in-person style consultant for guys in suits.

Throughout the episode we (well, let’s be honest, it’s mainly Jake and Carl talking) discuss the interesting topic of ‘best made’ vs. ‘best marketed’ boots.

Carl is not afraid to tell you his opinion. One of his pet peeves is how some brands get more attention, because of effective marketing and big budgets, than their products actually deserves. Listen to the episode to find out which brands they are.

Eventually, Jake and Carl each list their top 3 favourite boots.

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1 thought on “Best Made vs. Best Marketed Boots with Carl Murawski (S01E12)”

  1. Great episode! Just came across your channel after searching for Carl. Great stuff!

    I assume at the end you were talking about Stridewise (correct me if I’m wrong). I agree that it feels like he’s being paid by Thursday. Otherwise, I really cannot understand how he could place them above some of the classics. Anyone with half a brain can tell that Thursday cuts costs on the important parts (lining, footbed, etc).

    With all that said, I’ve gotten a lot out of his videos anyways. If you ignore the Thursday reviews, he has some decent content for the average boot wearer looking for a few pairs of solid boots. I know you guys are at a completely different level, but I’ve got a ton of other priorities and am just looking for high value work horses like redwing, Grant Stone, etc.

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