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I’ve known Christina Agtzidou for a couple years. Like so many other people I know in the business, we met the first time at a trade show. In fact, I’m pretty sure it was at Bluezone in January 2017.

Since then, she’s shared her knowledge and expertise in several blog posts here on the site, like the one about how to find jeans suppliers and my series about how jeans are made.

Christina’s worked in denim for almost two decades already. Right out of design school in Athens, she got a job at a jeans maker. And although she actually didn’t really like it in the beginning, she quickly fell in love with the fabric.

Today, she works at Tom Tailor (a high street jeans maker and retailer that’s based in Hamburg) where she does the denim line for women.

So how does a denim purist make what could be considered “commercial jeans”? I asked Christina this question when we sat down at Bluezone in Munich last September.

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