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Wouter Munnichs Tells His Story in a Video Interview from Bluezone

Wouter Munnichs and I have both been blogging about denim since 2011. You probably already know his site, Long John.

I don’t recall exactly when we first met, but it’s several years ago—probably at a trade show in Berlin or Amsterdam. Fast forward to last year at the October edition of Kingpins, Nudie Jeans threw an opening party for their store in the 9 Streets, which Wouter and I naturally both showed up for.

We ended up chatting about my staff training course and how it’s essentially the same thing Wouter does in his live trainings for stores and brands. That’s when I got the idea; we should create an online course together! Brilliant, right?! ? Wouter has experience in staff training, I can make the videos and all that. And so we did, it’s called the How to Sell Jeans course.

Along the way, we figured out we make a pretty good team. So I invited Wouter to join me at Munich Fabric Start’s Bluezone show, which I’ve been working with since 2016. I wanted to take my content partnership with the show to the next level, and I wanted Wouter to be my wingman.

Essentially, the idea we had was to sit down with some of the coolest people in the world of denim and hear their stories. We brought along a talented video guy and set up a studio in Bluezone’s Catalyzer hall. Over the coming months, we’ll share those stories on our blogs.

But first, let’s hear Wouter’s own story.

Wouter’s Way Into the World of Denim

Although Wouter and I do something quite similar today, the paths that led us there are different.

Wouter’s been into denim since he was a tween (although I’m not sure that’s what they called it back then?). Around the age of 11, he started wearing secondhand Levi’s jeans, because he couldn’t afford the new ones. This was back in the late 80s (when I was still in diapers).

Around that time, Diesel and other Italian denim brands entered the Dutch market. And the brand that’s for ‘only the brave’ set up their HQ in Wouter’s hometown, Eindhoven; the country’s fifth-largest city, which is also known as the birthplace of Philips electronics.

Long story short, Wouter got a job at Diesel’s store in Eindhoven, the first in The Netherlands, and that’s how it all began. But why don’t we let Wouter explain? Watch the video above to hear his story.

Featured image by Oddhunt.


This article was written by Thomas Stege Bojer, the founder and owner of Denimhunters. Thomas launched the site in 2011 and built it into a voice for the denim industry and community.

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