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Bluezone last week was a blast! This time, we had a group of Instagram’s finest denimheads with us to take pictures, record podcasts, write reviews, do panel discussions, record video, and generally just have a great time.

The show was also home to the first exhibition collaboration between me and none other than the Swiss Jeans Freak himself. We presented eight pairs of jeans from Ruedi enormous collection. Each pair presented an original feature of jeans that has inspired some sort of innovation and evolution of the entire denim industry.

You can read more about the eight innovations and the idea behind the exhibition here.

Luck would have it that we actually caught Ruedi seeing the exhibition for the first time on camera. Watch the video above to see him give a bit of background to each of the eight pairs of jeans and the innovations they represent.

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This article was written by Thomas Stege Bojer, the founder and owner of Denimhunters. Thomas launched the site in 2011 and built it into a voice for the denim industry and community.

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