How Hamansutra Made a Homage to Levi Strauss by Customising 501s

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Haman Alimardani was born in Tehran in the late 70s, but he was raised in New York City and Munich. A pretty unique mix of cultural backgrounds.

He describes himself as a sewing machinist, a master tailor, and a design director. Under his brand, Hamansutra, he’s collaborated with Poltrona Frau, Levi’s, Kenzo, Cazal Eyewear and Louis Vuitton.

As a youth, he was into graffiti and build a career as a DJ. After studying marketing in Munich, he moved to London in the early 00s and got a degree in fashion design from Central Saint Martins.

Today, he runs the workshop ‘Bekleidungswerke’ (meaning ‘clothing works’) out of Munich, working solely with vintage sewing machines.

I met Haman at Bluezone in January where he’d brought some of his vintage sewing machines and was showing three of his most recent collaborations, including the collaboration he made with Levi’s as a homage to Levi Strauss, whose roots are in Bavaria.

In the video above, you can see him explain more about it. He also shows how his vintage Reece 101 buttonhole machine works. You can also read much more about Haman and his story in a ‘Meet the Person’ interview over on Long John.

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Featured image by Cal Geary.


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