5 Denim Developers Share Insider Tips About Jeans Suppliers and How to Find New Ones

I’ve always loved denim trade shows. They’re hard work, but they’re also a whole lot of fun!

I still remember my first visit to Bread & Butter in 2010. Entering the majestic Tempelhof airport hangars for the first time made you realise how insanely colossal that show was. And how many players there are in this business.

My quest to learn how denim is made eventually took me a step further back through the supply chain to fabric trade shows. In 2011, I visited Denim PV for the first time. Since then, I’ve been a regular at Kingpins. Most recently, I had the opportunity to visit and exhibit twice at Munich Fabric Start‘s Bluezone; the show’s independent concept for the denim and sportswear community.

Munich Fabric Start Bluezone Fabric trade shows are where business insiders go to get inspired by the latest trends; it’s where alliances are formed; it’s where exhibitors go to size up the competition; and, of course, it’s where designers and developers have a unique opportunity to browse through suppliers.

For someone like myself, who’s still relatively new to this branch of the denim business, fabric trade shows can be a little overwhelming. I imagine aspiring designers and developers feel the same. How do you know where to focus your attention, and what should you be looking for when you’re searching for new jeans suppliers?

How do you know where to focus your attention, and what should you be looking for when you’re searching for new jeans suppliers?

This article helps designers and developers navigate the list of exhibitors at shows like Bluezone, which kicks off the buying season.

5 Developers Recommend 11 Jeans Suppliers You Should Look Into

With hundreds of suppliers exhibiting at trade shows, how do you know which to visit? I’ve asked the five jeans developers which suppliers they’d recommend you to take a closer look at.


This article was written by Thomas Stege Bojer, the founder and owner of Denimhunters. Thomas launched the site in 2011 and built it into a voice for the denim industry and community.


  1. Barry Reinstein Reply

    How in the world did you not make one comment about iSKO the number one denim mill in the world when it comes to fashion and technology, let alone more developments in stretch than any other mill.

    • Thomas Stege Bojer Reply

      Hi Barry,
      Thank you for your observant comment. This blog post could have mentioned so many more suppliers, but these are the ones the five developers I asked recommended.
      I would love to hear more about what iSKO has to offer, and I see on LinkedIn that you’ve worked with the company since 2003, so do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly 🙂

  2. Hi Thomas Stege Bojer,
    I worked with SHLOMI JEANS for many years.I do understand that there are lots of pioneers,designers,developers and other founders to be respected.
    Marketing always work all the time changing the consumers’ taste and the designers’conept,and the improved technology for production (cutting,printing,finishing and washing) has changed the world.
    ISKO is great in fabrics development and Candiani is doing the same.But we still get many high quality and traditional denim from Japan and those suppliers are doing the best in selvedge.
    Anyway,just want to show some ideas of mine here with you.
    Certainly,I want to know more about your concept how motivate the customers/consumers through reliable marketing channel and platform. It means the reasonable cost and powerful products/market integration.

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