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Andrew Olah probably said it best a couple years ago: Denim is a dirty business. How we can make it less polluting and conserve more resources has been the key topic of most conversations I’ve had with industry insiders for the past five years or so.

Denim makers are fully aware of the challenges. And many are taking action. I’ve seen first hand how the people at Candiani Denim in Italy are making their denim as sustainably as it’s humanly possible. Not only because both consumers and the denim industry are watching, but also because the mill located in a nature reserve(!).

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One of the dudes I’ve had several conversations about denim and sustainability with is Candiani marketing director, Simon Giuliani. At Munich Fabric Start’s Bluezone show in September, we recorded one such conversation on video (the one that’s above ?).

It sometimes feels like we’re only talking about what the industry can and should do to make denim more sustainable. I wanted to ask Simon what he thinks consumers can do. Watch the video to find out ?

Ps. If you want to know more about Simon and how he got into denim, I would strongly encourage you to listen to the Clobbercast podcast that Ben and Glen recorded with Simon at Bluezone. It’s one of the best they’ve made! Go check it out here (after you’ve watched the video).

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