Avoid These 3 Mistakes with Basic Retail Sales Training and Get Better at Selling

Have you ever bought a pair of jeans with the help of a knowledgeable and passionate sales associate who got you genuinely excited about what you were buying? The kind of shopping experience that took away all your doubts and concerns, and made you want to buy your jeans from that store and person only.

You’ve probably experienced the opposite too: Visiting a store for guidance, but quickly realising that the person behind the counter couldn’t even tell you how the jeans would fit or what size you should get; let alone how they were made or why they were different from any other jean in the store.

If you work in retail, you can do better than that!

Part of the problem is that sales staff often don’t know much about the jeans they’re selling. A solution to that is the Denimhunters Academy, the online retail sales training platform that teaches you essential production knowledge about denim and jeans that is easy to apply when you’re selling.

But it’s not only product knowledge you need to train. Many are also missing basic retail sales training about why your customers shop or how to read and interact with them.

This free guide lists three of the most common selling mistakes in retail that might kill the sale plus how you avoid them.


Hi, my name is Thomas, I'm a storyteller. I started Denimhunters in 2011. Today, I help companies in the denim industry market themselves with stories that excite, engage and convert customers.


  1. Joshua Lau Reply

    Hi there. I love your website! I have a question about denim that has been in my head that I can’t figure out for a long time. I hope you don’t mind me asking…

    What is the difference between washed and raw denim? Some told me that raw denim is not yet shrink, but some told me that once the denim fabric is processed, even thought they’ve not been washed, they won’t shrink. Which one is true? Or are they both true in different cases? Also are unwashed denims more likely to have a lot of colour come off after the first wash? I want to make something for myself but I don’t know which one I should buy to make a pair of creative yet high quality jeans. I don’t have the facility to wash denims properly, but now I’m not even sure if the denims need to be washed. Haha. I tried fining the answer to these questions but I couldn’t figure out… Hope you can help… Keep up the good work and have fun with what you do.

    Yours faithfully,

    Joshua Lau

    • Thomas Stege Bojer Reply

      Hi Joshua,

      Thank you for your support. That’s a great (and a common) question.

      What we normally call “washed jeans” have been processed in an industrial laundry before they reach the store. This is often called “pre-washing” (which is actually a little misleading, but anyway). The pre-washing processes are done after the garment has been sewn – it’s the last stage in the manufacturing process. You can read more about that here: https://denimhunters.com/blog/denim-knowledge/how-jeans-are-made/

      Raw denim jeans are the kind that haven’t been pre-washed. That’s why they’re also often called “unwashed.”

      In terms of colour loss, also called bleeding or crocking, it’s something that mainly happens when the denim is raw and unwashed.

      I hope this helps. You can read more about how denim is made here: https://denimhunters.com/blog/denim-knowledge/how-denim-is-made/

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