The Fourteenth Episode of The Denim & Boots Podcast

In this week’s episode, Jake and I are joined by Ben Woodhouse aka @clobbercalm.

I’ve been a guest on Ben’s podcast, the ClobberCast, three times. And, as I’ve argued earlier, his show inspired me to start podcasting myself. So I’m very happy that we got to have Ben on our podcast.

News of the week

As always, we open the show we a quick round of news updates.

For me personally, I’ve finally started wearing my new Wesco boots (which I had to have stretched a bit to make them fit). But they’re awesome!

Referencing something we discussed in episode #11, Stanislav from Denim Head in Prague brings our attention to the trade agreement between EU and Japan. Go shop on Rakuten!

Lastly, we share the news that Godspeed in Melbourne has closed its brick and mortar store. A sad but relevant piece of news for this week’s topic.

Topic of the week: Online vs. physical retail

For the first half hour or so of what’s the longest episode we’ve recorded so far, we get up to speed on what Ben’s been up to since he closed his store in Sheffield, the Clobber Calm Supply Co, earlier this year.

After that, Ben answers the question that Ben Viapiana asked in episode #10 (‘online vs. storefront’). That takes us into a discussion about the pros and cons of buying online stores vs. the brick and mortar experience.

On a side note, I’ve done a couple of video interviews with Ben over the past year. The first one I did, which was actually the very first conversation we ever had, is still my favourite. You can find that here.

If you haven’t listened to it already, I’d also encourage you to check out episode #48 of the ClobberCast, where Ben and his co-host Glen go into more detail about why Ben decided to close the close.

Listener question

While we recorded the episode, Jeremy Osztreicher aka @jeremyosz asks what our favourite distinctly British items are.

People and companies we mention

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