Interview from Selvedge Run with Ruedi Karrer aka @swissjeansfreak

Ruedi Karrer has a vision. He wants young people to wear more raw denim! He’s been collecting jeans since he got his first pair in 1973; a donation he had to share with his brothers at first.

Ruedi’s amassed no less than 14,000 denim items in a 5th-floor storage space in Zurich, Switzerland to convince anybody he meets about the power of raw denim evolution, as he calls it.

He doesn’t make money from the Museum. That’s not the point for him. Still, he would like to see the Museum properly conceptualised and in a bigger space.

I met Ruedi at Selvedge Run in Berlin and had a talk about his vision and how to bring it to life. You can watch the conversation we had in the video above. This is the purest of passions you’ll ever find. And do stick around to the end of the video …

You should also check out the mini-documentary with Ruedi that Benzak Denim Developers put out last year. Oh, and don’t forget to follow Ruedi on Instagram (but you probably already do).

Featured image by Oddhunt Photography.


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