The Is Anti-Fit?

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Contrary to what some believe to be the meaning of the term, anti-fit has nothing to do with the general fit of jeans. It does not mean ‘oversized.’

If jeans are ‘anti-fit,’ the rise is cut in a straight line (as opposed to curved).

Anti-fit is a recognisable feature of Levis 501 jeans; it’s what gives them their famous top block (also known as ‘seat’). The cut of the seat determines how the jeans fit.

Anti-fit cut jeans don’t follow the shape of your body. The cut is the result of Levi’s experimenting to maximise every inch of the denim fabric in the late 1890s and early 1900s.

Some of the benefits of the anti-fit include greater comfort, less wear on the seat, and of course, a good looking pair of jeans even though you wear them two sizes too big.

Wiki home » Jeans Anatomy » The Is Anti-Fit?

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