Denim Hats for Denimheads: Guide to Headwear That Fades

Possibly the 6 Best Denim Hats Out There—Plus 4 That Aren’t Denim (If That’s Not Your Thing)

I really like my denim hats. They’re perfect for providing some much-needed shade for my fair skin, especially in the summer. And they fade!

If you catch me wearing a hat in the middle of winter—when the sun is in hibernation here in Scandinavia—you know it’s just because I couldn’t be bothered to do my hair. (Actually, I do that all year round.)

In this guide, I’ve rounded up some of my favourite hats. Unsurprisingly, most of them are made from denim. But I’ve also sneaked in a couple of more ‘technical’ hats. They’ll go perfectly with my sneakers. (Yeah, I’m a fashion victim disguised as a denimhead, I admit it.)

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orSlow US Navy Hat (Daisy Mae)

I’ve practically worn out a TCB Daisy Mae over the past three years or so, and I plan to do the same with the orSlow US Navy Hat that I recently picked up on German eBay. 

Crafted from one-wash indigo denim, it features a slightly wider, stiffer brim that offers more shade without flapping down. The stiffness comes from the reinforced stitching and high-quality Japanese craftsmanship, ensuring it holds up through countless adventures.

Also sold at Independence. And Hinoya sells the Buzz Rickson’s Daisy Mae (when it’s in stock) here.

Samurai ‘Random’ Denim Cap

You could bury me in this hat. I’d just need to wear it for the rest of my life first to bring out all its true colours.

Made in Japan from several different Samurai denims and featuring a brass buckle adjuster, this cap is built for a lifetime of wear. It promises durability and a unique patina that only gets better with age.

UES ‘Happy Day’ Denim Cap

Any day wearing this cap will mos’ def’ be a happy day. Spread some love and get some fades, because this denim cap is guaranteed to provide on both fronts. 

Made from 9 oz. indigo-dyed denim, it’s crafted in Japan with a red chambray lining under the brim. As the denim ages, it’ll reveal those indigo hues, embodying a beautifully timeless vintage style (that’s fancy talk for “pure awesomeness”).

Poten Safilin Denim Cap

Imagine putting this Safilin Cap through a time machine and seeing it after five years of daily wear.

Crafted in Japan and indigo-dyed, the yarns in this denim cap are spun with European flax, renowned for its durability and breathability.

Over time, the fabric will develop a unique patina; it’s not just about style—it’s about the journey it promises.

Clutch Café have a similar Poten cap in cotton/linen chambray here.

Filson Logger Mesh Cap (in Denim!)

It’s outdoorsy, it’s trucker, it’s denim. This Filson cap is a hit!

Made from midweight 100% cotton denim front panels and breathable polyester mesh sides, this cap embodies Filson’s motto, “Might as well have the best.”

The precurved bill provides excellent shade, and the snap-adjustable plastic back strap ensures a perfect fit. 

Kapital ‘Old Man and the Sea’ Bucket Hat

I’m curious why Kapital called this hat  “The Old Man and the Sea”. I mean, I know it’s Hemingway—but I won’t even pretend that I’ve read it—but why name a hat after it? 

Maybe it’s the rugged, enduring appeal of this hat, made from thick chino fabric in Japan. With reinforced stitches all around the brim and more than half the crown, it’s built to last, much like the enduring themes of the classic tale it’s named after.

H.W. Dog Traveller’s Hat

If I could pull it off, I’d rock this hat. I’d be sweating like crazy, but I’d look cool as f#ck.

Made in Japan from high-quality Australian merino wool, this foldable fedora combines timeless style with practical functionality. The Traveller’s Hat is all about enduring elegance and versatility.

Haven Field Cap (Gore-Tex)

I love this cap. So clean—the only branding is the logo on the strap with a custom metal clasp. Plus, it protects your head even in those summer showers, thanks to its Gore-Tex fabric.

Made in Japan from military-inspired ripstop nylon, it’s durable, breathable, and water-resistant. Ready for whatever the weather throws at you.

Topo Designs Sun Hat

It’s a cliché, but all I can say about this hat is “urban safari.”

Made from a lightweight poly-blend, the Topo Designs Sun Hat features a 2.75” brim for 360-degree sun protection, a removable paracord chin strap, and an adjustable bungee cord headband for a perfect fit.

Ideal for city explorers and outdoor adventurers alike.

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This guide features the best denim hats for denimheads, along with technical options for those not ready to commit to denim. Find the perfect hat to suit your style and enjoy watching it develop character over time.

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