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Rivet and Hide, purveyors of rare Japanese denim, opened their long awaited retail space on April 17th. Founded as on online business in 2012, partners Danny and Junior progressed to an appointment-only workshop in Parsons Green. In that short time they’ve built a reputation as one the best places in ...
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The UK denim scene is on the rise. Over the past few years a select number of Britain-based designers have been championing the “Made in England” stamp of approval. Independent labels like Tender Co., Huit Denim Co. and Dawson Denim are admirably jump-starting UK denim with small scale domestic productions using local resources and artisans to craft their jeans. ...
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This is the first of our three-piece guide to buying, wearing, and caring for your Red Wing boots.

The guide was made in collaboration with Red Wing Shoes in Berlin/Hamburg/Munich. Owner Kay Knipschild, general manager Josh, and managers from Hamburg and Berlin, Marcus Fuhrmann and Mick Adler were there to answer all your questions.
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