Celia Geraedts is a font of knowledge on the traditional indigo dying processes native to Japan. Keen to share this knowledge she runs classes through her showroom in the heart of Amsterdam. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to join a class when I visited the city earlier this spring!
Tellason- Crafting a Denim (1 of 2)
When you are crafting a blue jean, one element has to be decided on before all others. Before fit, before construction, a denim must be chosen. For Tony Patella and Pete Searson of Tellason, their own thoughts, details and specifics are what make the jeans special. Consistency is at the ...
Waxing Wrenchmonkees WM.A.C MC Jacket (7 of 11)
Hideo Wakamatsu
The Real McCoy's

I am not a writer and never imagined I would be telling this story to anyone outside family and friends… If I did I would have taken notes. To a few I am the folder of denim at Right Hand Distribution (Adelaide, South Australia); no stranger to quality denim, definitely no expert but striving to be one, […]