Q&A with Bert aka @bvo_66

You’re into denim, and you’re on Instagram. Then you’re probably one of the +17K denimheads who follow Bert. (If you’re not, you need to follow him!)

I for one have been a fan of Bert’s pics ever since I found him a year ago or so. And in October, I got to meet ‘the man in front the wall’ in person at the Amsterdam Denim Days. Here’s his story.

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What’s your story

Name: Bert van Orden

Birth year: 1966

Location: The Netherlands

Profession: Sales Engineer

How Bert Runs His Instagram Feed

Thomas: How did it all start with your Instagram feed?

Bert: In 2014, my two kids got an Instagram account. When I saw them active on it, I felt it was something for me too. I love to be creative and I like to share my creativity this way.

Blue Blooded, Instagrammer, bvo_66, Denimhunters, Denim Days, ende_denim, japanese_buffalo, joepizzaro, nico.manske
Dudes at Denim Days. From left: @ende_denim, @japanese_buffalo, @michael.ow.en, Bert, @joe_pizzaro and @nico.mantzke.
T: Why Instagram? What are your goals?

B: I’m solely on Instagram for fun and because of how Instagram allows me to meet like-minded denimheads from all over the world.

T: How much time do you spend on Instagram on a daily basis?

B: Spread throughout the day, I spend approximately two hours a day on Instagram.

Blue Blooded, Instagrammer, bvo_66, Denimhunters, 17K followers

T: How do you take your photos?

B: Almost all pictures are taken by myself with the self-timer on my Canon camera or my phone.

T: Which tools do you use?

B: I just use the editing tools in Instagram.

T: What’s your editorial flow?

B: Most of the time, I post photos on Monday (#mocsandsocksmonday), Wednesday (#redwingwednesday), Friday (#fadefriday) and Sunday (#selvedgesunday). The rest of the days I post photos when I have time.

Blue Blooded, Instagrammer, bvo_66, Denimhunters, God Save the Artisan t-shirt

T: What are your favourite locations to take photos? And why?

B: I post a lot of pictures in front of “the white wall” ? But I also like to take pictures in the woods.

A while ago, I started taking pictures in front of the wall. I thought the contrast with denim would be nice. I got a lot of nice comments and started to post more and more pictures whit this wall as a backdrop.

It’s located nearby the place where I live, but the exact location I’m not telling you ?

Bert’s Style and Denim Preferences

T: How did you get into denim?

B: For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in rugged style clothes. I’m lucky that I can wear what I want at work, I don’t have to wear a uniform or a suit. For the past six years or so, I’ve been wearing raw denim.

T: What’s your favourite feature of jeans?

B: First of all, I love the denim itself. After that. the honeycombs are my favourite. In a well-worn pair of jeans, the honeycombs have all kinds of different denim shades.

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T: How do you wash your denim?

B: Basically, I never wash my denim. Only if it’s really necessary I wash it by hand in my bathtub.

T: What’s your favourite fit?

B: I prefer slim and classic fits.

T: Which boots and leather goods do you wear with your denim?

B: I usually wear Red Wing and Tricker’s boots. My belt is from Barnes and Moore and my bag from Bleu De Chauffe.

Blue Blooded, Instagrammer, bvo_66, Denimhunters, Bleu de Chauffe

T: Which sneakers do you wear?

B: 70’s Converse Chucks.

T: Favourite item that’s not denim or leather?

B: I always wear Chup socks. I love them!

Bert is a self-confessed CHUP-aholic ?
T: Where do you buy your gear?

B: I don’t have a specific store where I buy my gear. I love shopping in Amsterdam. My favourite shops are located in the ‘Nine Street’-area.

There are a lot of webshops I’m checking out, but my favourites are Clobber Calm and Cultizm.

T: What styling tips would you give your followers if they wanted your style?

B: I can’t give styling tips. Just wear what you like!

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