34 Posts I’ve Saved Since the 4th Instalment of this Series

Since I published the 4th instalment in this series, two important things have happened:

1) My good friend Ruedi Karrer aka @swissjeansfreak has turned 60 years old (on Sunday, September 8). We actually already started the celebration last week in Munich during Bluezone with the launch of his collab with Candiani, but Sunday was the official Ruedi-day.

The 19-minute documentary about Ruedi and his passion, which I co-directed, has just been published. (I’ve put it at the bottom of this blog post.)

2) The celebration week of the Iron Heart forum’s 10th anniversary has started. So I’m seeing even more Iron Heart than usual in my feed, which means you’ll see it too in this blog post.

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After collecting jeans since 1973 and opening the Jeansmuseum in 2001, I could finally present my 60 years birthday jeans including a movie about me, the Jeansmuseum and the birthday jeans at the @candianidenim booth inside @bluezonemunich 3 days ago. I‘ll post the link of the movie when published. Many thanks to (alphabetically): @ariolockey movie @alberto_candiani denim fabric, CEO @candianidenim Sponsor, design (thanks to Stefano) @denimhunters Project team birthday jeans, @imjit35020 jeans production (Thanks to Serena) @mkmkelley2 denim fabric @monsieur_t_official Logo Jeansmuseum @munichfabricstart Sponsor @simon.giuliani Project team birthday jeans who supported this project so much and helping me to make this dream becoming true. Those sanforized 15.5 oz lefthand twill greencast roomy straight cut bluejeans are available for Euro 299.70 reflecting the altitude of the Piz Beverin, my home mountain. The money helps sustaining the Jeansmuseum. The jeans will be on sale in about 2 weeks and I’ll anounce it when ready to buy. Swipe to see some impressions of the show and details to the jeans #vintage #heavyused #heaviestused @benzakdenimdevelopers #benzakdenimdevelopers @lee101official @leejeans @leejeanseurope #heavyworn #faded #heaviestfaded #jeansmuseumofheaviestfadings #denimevolution #naturalfadings #neverwashed #rawdenim #raw #jeansmuseum #swissjeansfreak #munich @longjohn_denimblog @robindenim

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Selvedge close-up. ????

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You can read that interview with Giles here.
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@wingmandenim indibrown. 9 month. #revolutionofjeans

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This is 経年変化 . . .

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. bridge展 in 代官山 . 9月7日(土) 13:00 ~ 18:30 9月8日(土) 11:00 ~ 16:30 . いよいよ明日ですね✨ という事でギリギリまで穿き込んだbridgeを洗濯・乾燥しました???? …って前日に何やってんだ!?bridge送ってないのかよ! と、思いますよね???? . 実は今回のbridge展、最初はエントリーしないつもりでした。 というのも私のbridgeはbridge展開催時点でまだまだ穿き込み半年弱の濃紺と言ってもいい状態…???? あまり色落ちの参考にはならないんじゃないかと、今回はエントリーせず穿いて参加しようかと思ってました???? が、このDB18生地が思った以上に色落ちのペースが早く、糊落とし後、最初の洗濯・乾燥で良い感じに化けてくれたのでこれなら半年弱でもいけるかも…と。 しかも今回エントリーしなかったら次はいつかわからないし、やっぱりエントリーしよう❗️ と、コロッと心変わり???? . せっかくエントリーするならギリギリまで穿き込んで少しでも色落ちが進んだ状態でエントリーしたい…❗️ てことで、シンゴさんに前日までガッツリ穿き込んで、当日持ち込んじゃダメですか?と聞いてみたら快くOKしていただきました????‍♂️ 準備バタバタの中で当日持ち込むだけではさすがに申し訳ないので、明日は設営からお手伝いさせていただくことになりました???? . 明日は私のよりバッチリ仕上がったbridgeが沢山展示されますので、興味がある方は是非足を運んでみてください???? 私のbridgeもかるくチラ見していただければ嬉しいです???? . では明日、代官山でお会いしましょう???? 長文失礼しました???? . #denimbridge #denimbridge3rd #03db18 #doublevolante #denimba #denimbase #bridge展 #bridge展2019

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Illya answers my Q&A here.
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The Smokejumper.

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Cal also answered the Q&A. You can read that here.
I had to include this one. You can pick of a copy of Blue Blooded right here.

Here’s the Ruedi Documentary!

… and as promised, here’s the documentary about Ruedi and his collaboration with Candiani Denim that I co-directed. Enjoy!

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