How to Buy Raw Denim Jeans That Actually Fit You (Men’s Fit Guide)

Thomas Discusses His Fit Guide for Men

This episode of the Denimhunters Podcast is the second instalment in my ongoing series where I tackle some of denim’s big questions and discuss the most frequently debated topics.

In a previous episode, I talked about the three key elements of quality jeans: denim, fit and details. In this one, we dive deeper into that second key element, the fit.


This episode is based on a super in-depth and well-researched blog post that I published earlier, which you’ll find right here.

Don’t have time to read or listen? I’ve also produced a 1m17s video on this topic, which you can watch right here.


Several female listeners have made me aware that I’m being both offensive and incorrect when I say this episode is only for guys.  For that I am sorry.

The components of a fit and different fit categories that I talk about in the first half of the episode are equally relevant for women and men.

I also should’ve made it more clear that I’m sharing my experience with men’s fits and how to find jeans that fit for five different male body types I’ve identified.

In my experience, the fit is what makes or breaks a pair of jeans.

You can have the nicest denim ever with amazing fade potential. You can have all those details we all look for like tucked belt loops and hidden rivets.

But if the jeans don’t (really) fit you well, you’re never going to see any fades, ‘cuz you’re never going to wear them.

So, to help you find jeans that actually do fit you, I first explain fit as I talk about:

  • That fit isn’t the same as size
  • The shape of the leg (straight, tapered and flared)
  • Top block and rise (low, mid and high)
  • Different fit categories (skinny, slim, regular and loose)

Once that’s done, I share my recommendations for what fits will fit five common male body types:

  • Average-sized guy
  • Shorter guy
  • Taller guy
  • Big guy
  • Skinny guy

Slim, Regular or Loose? Find Your Favourite Fit!

There’s no such thing as “fits all” when it comes to jeans. You need a fit that fits your body type. And you start by finding a leg shape that works for you:

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