Beat Your Competitors by Knowing the Answers to Your Customers’ Frequently Asked Questions

Jeans retail is becoming an increasingly competitive business. Especially if you’re in the middle ground between premium and fast fashion. It’s impossible to give consumers the same experience that niche boutiques offer. And your prices are not competitive with those of mass-market retailers.

Lowering prices is usually not a good idea. Instead, why don’t you try creating a better experience for your customers?

A good place to start is upping your game when it comes to the service and product guidance you’re offering. And that means you should be able to answer the questions your customers are asking.

I’ve compiled a list that answers four jeans FAQs that I’ve heard over and over again in retail. The four questions are:

Learning the answers to them is step one. Operationalising those answers in actual sales situations is the tough part. You want to help the customer without overloading him with information. That’s why I’ve kept the answers as short as possible.

Jeans FAQ #1: Why are some jeans so much more expensive than others?

The price of any product is determined by supply and demand. It’s basic economics; if there’s a lot of demand for a brand or a product, prices are usually high. That being said, when it comes to jeans, there’s usually also a correlation between the retail price and production costs.


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