New Redcast x ONI Collab: Love It or Leave It?

This Instant Collectible Collab Screams Summer, But Die-Hard Enthusiasts Might Frown at It

Your typical denim collabs go something like this: Take an existing fit and fabric and tweak it with a special patch, maybe a different thread colour here and there, maybe a print and/or a label, and then that’s about it.

And there’s nothing wrong with that whatsoever. I love those kinds of collabs; they’re predictable and familiar. Perfect for a conservative denimhead like me.

This new collab between the two powerhouses Redcast Heritage and ONI Denim is something else—one that most definitely will turn heads. And my guess is that not every denimhead will love it.

Launching today (June 28, 2024) and titled the ‘Kerama Blue’ collection, this collab includes a Type III jacket and a pair of jeans (in a new fit!) made from 15 oz. bio-washed natural indigo denim. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

The Fabric: 15 oz. Natural Indigo Denim

You don’t need to be a certified denimhead to see that the boldest thing about these two garments is the fabric.

Redcast and ONI call it ‘Kerama Blue’, and it’s a 15 oz. natural indigo denim. It’s woven on vintage shuttle looms in Japan at a super low tension, making it lighter and more breathable than the weight might have you think.

Inspired by the crystal-clear waters of Spain’s Mediterranean Sea and Japan’s Okinawa islands, this shade is bold and unique. The intense bio-wash treatment with a touch of bleach …

Okay, I’ll stop myself there. Bleach?! Yup, that’s right, these two garments are bleached. Still with me?

Anyway, so the treatment softens the fabric and, according to the press release, makes it feel more like 13 oz. or so when you wear it.

It’s the kind of colour that you’ll either love or find too daring, making it a statement piece in any wardrobe. Whatever you think of it, this colour just screams summer.

The Jeans: New Fit with Classic Details

The jeans in the ‘Kerama Blue’ collection is a new fit called 240 that represents a perfect balance between a relaxed tapered cut and a straight-leg fit. Here are the most important details about it:

  • Fit: Slim straight with a touch of taper and a mid to high rise.
  • Details: Custom copper doughnut buttons, heavy-duty bartacks, peek-a-boo selvedge on the coin pocket, raised belt loops, veg tanned horsehide patch, and I could go on.
  • Artwork by Jon Kutt: Adds a unique artistic touch.
  • Limited to 158 Pairs: Guaranteed exclusivity (and quick sell-out, so don’t sleep on this one).
  • Free Kinari Hanpu Cotton Collab Tote Bag Made in Japan: A special gift in case you thought these weren’t special enough.

The Jacket: Type III with a Modern Twist

The jacket in this two-item collab collection is based on a classic ONI design with a few updates:

  • Hardware: Custom-branded metal buttons and rivets for durability and a premium finish.
  • Slim Fit: Slightly tailored for a contemporary look, perfect for layering.
  • Chain-Stitched Construction: Ensures long-lasting wear, typical of high-quality denim garments.
  • Functional Pockets: Includes two chest pockets and side hand-warmer pockets, blending style with utility.
  • Limited to 50 Jackets: So, yeah, order your size while it’s in stock.

Limited Edition: Exclusivity in Every Stitch

Needless to say, this collaboration is highly exclusive with only 158 pairs of jeans and 50 jackets produced. Each piece is individually numbered and each purchase comes with a free Kinari Hanpu cotton tote bag, designed by Jon Kutt.

Jon Kutt has a diverse portfolio that includes creating posters for blink-182 (one of my guilty pleasures). His unique artistic vision adds a distinct touch to the collection, making each piece even more special.

Verdict: It’s Bold and It’s Going to Divide Opinions

It’s been a few years since the last collaboration between Redcast Heritage and ONI Denim, which we reviewed. This collab is a bold step forward.

You might even say that the ‘Kerama Blue’ collection is more than just clothing; that it’s a piece of art. Or not. In any case, it’s a statement. The unique colour, the exceptional fabric, and limited availability make these pieces stand out no matter what you think.

The colour is too bold for my taste, but I see the appeal and the craftsmanship that went into creating these pieces. The fact that the garments are washed with bleach might not appeal to all denim purists, but it’s a daring move that enhances comfort without compromising on durability.

If you’re on team “love it”, make sure you put in an order immediately.


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