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A quality watch has become an important addition to the denim enthusiast’s wardrobe; vintage mechanical timepieces being the favoured choice of many but out of reach, financially, for most. The appeal of a vintage watch is in its individuality; not dissimilar to a well-worn pair of jeans where no single ...
Celia Geraedts is a font of knowledge on the traditional indigo dying processes native to Japan. Keen to share this knowledge she runs classes through her showroom in the heart of Amsterdam. Naturally, I jumped at the chance to join a class when I visited the city earlier this spring!
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Hideo Wakamatsu
The Real McCoy's

I am not a writer and never imagined I would be telling this story to anyone outside family and friends… If I did I would have taken notes. To a few I am the folder of denim at Right Hand Distribution (Adelaide, South Australia); no stranger to quality denim, definitely no expert but striving to be one, […]