The 2022 Holiday Gift Guide from Denimhunters

26 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Every Budget and Every Denim Lover

It’s never easy finding the perfect gift for a friend or loved one, and this goes double for denimheads. We’re notoriously fickle about what we wear and what brands we support, and this can create holiday headaches for those who want to put something special under the tree.

Santa’s selvedge elves are here to help. We’ve scoured the internet for the well-made goods that are guaranteed to produce a smile on Christmas morning. We’ve got bags, belts, bandanas, blankets, and books (and that’s just the ones that start with B). 

We’ve included four different price categories:

If you want to give the gift of denim, visit our brand-new jeans, jackets, and shirts guides, where you’ll find dozens of well-made selvedge pieces that will produce squeals of delight when unwrapped. If you’re looking for boots, we’ve got a stellar boots guide as well.  

Stocking Stuffers (<$100)

The well-made scene is short on small-ticket items, but we’ve got all you budget holiday shoppers covered with these hand-picked gift ideas:

The Rebel’s Wardrobe

€50 at gestalten

For obvious reasons, this is our top recommendation this year. Essential reading for everybody from the menswear curious to true-blue enthusiasts. If you’re in the USA, you’ll have to wait until the international release on January 10th.

Messenger Bag

$65 at Cockpit USA

The best stocking stuffers are the ones that last forever and get used every single day. This simple shoulder bag from Cockpit USA falls neatly into both of these categories.

Viski Gunmetal Flask

$50 at Stag Provisions

When drinking on the sly is this stylish, you’ll look for occasions to bring it along. An excellent and durable choice for outdoorsmen or for anybody who wants to tipple in style.

Rototo Watch Cap

$65 at Stag Provisions

The watch cap is well-travelled ground, but Rototo brings a level of care to the craft that sets them apart. The cable knit and indigo-dyed ones are our favourites.

Kobashi Studio Key Hook

€79 at Redcast Heritage

For those who don’t want to stuff their keys in their pockets, the key hook is a stylish alternative. There are more expensive options, but this one ticks all our boxes.

Steel Denim Hanger

$45 at Self Edge

Storage solutions for denim are limited. If you’re folding it and stacking it or just leaving it in a heap on the floor, try one of these stunning hangers from Self Edge. For something a little more budget-friendly, check out these wood denim hangers by Saldebus.

Bifold Wallet

$80 from Pigeon Tree Crafting

This wallet might start its life as a buttery natural colour, but after just a few months, it will start to patina. Within a year or so, it will be suffused with amber and chocolate tones. A perfect gift for those who see everything they own as a project.

Mini Splurges ($100-200)

For those who can dig a little deeper, the options are nearly endless. Here are a few favourites we’d love to see under our trees:

Studio D’Artisan Belt

∼$175 at Corlection

Indigo might be the king of the dyes in this world, but kakishibu isn’t far behind. This hard-as-hell belt from Studio D’Artisan dyed with kakishibu will be perfect for anybody who loves heavy denim.

One Ear Brand Bandana

$115 at Clutch Café

The best bandana that money can buy. An incredible range of patterns and an unbeatable hand-feel. Too good to use as an oil rag.

Dove Pendant Necklace

$160 at Stag Provisions

An excellent gift for the peace-loving traveller, this combination of St. Christopher and a dove on a sterling chain will be a great choice for those who prefer their accessories on the subtle side.

Harris Tweed Cap

$120 at Blue in Green

If your typical baseball or trucker caps don’t quite capture the personal style of your gift-giving target, perhaps one of these tweed caps will do the trick. Available in four two-tone colours.

Folding Garden Knife

$130 at Stag Provisions

Once you’ve added a folding knife to your everyday carry, you can wonder how you ever lived without it. This one is sharp (in both senses of the word), and it’s as sure-fire as they come for a Christmas morning delight.

Lined Goatskin Gloves

$150 from Filson

The perfect blend of tough and supple, these goatskin gloves will be a great choice for those who have work to do outdoors. Even if they don’t get their hands dirty, these gloves will make a great addition to fall and winter wardrobes.

Yellow 108 Dylan Hat

From $110 at Stag Provisions

A great gift for guys and gals, this felt hat lends the wearer the look of the rambler. A great and budget-friendly alternative to fur felt hats, which can cost three or four times the price of this simple number.

Jaw Droppers ($200-500)

If it’s that wow factor you’re going for, you’ll find some real show-stoppers below. Prepare to render the denim lover in your life speechless.

First Arrow’s Pendant

∼$235 at Corlection

Though you’ll need to be the chain separately, this feather pendant will hang beautifully on whatever you choose to string it on. Available in a wide range of metals and sizes.

Heimat Harbour Rugby

$305 at Clutch Café

Our favourite knitwear maker is at it again with this wide-hooped Harbour Rugby Sweater. From classic single-colour turtlenecks to eye-catching stripes, Heimat sweaters never miss the mark.

Denim Sunglasses

$345 at Mosevic

The denim world has been buzzing about these glasses all year. They won’t arrive in time to put under the tree, but even a photograph of these with a note saying they’re on their way will be an out-of-the-park homerun for stylish denimheads.

Indigofera Wool Blanket

$335 at Franklin & Poe

Beautiful enough to hang on the wall, Indigofera’s wool blankets (made in Norway) bring rustic charm to any space. Throw one of these on the couch and it’ll become a cuddle magnet.

Bleu de Chauffe Bag

$425 at Franklin & Poe

This French brand has been the bag maker of note in the scene for years. Whether you dig deep for one of their leather pieces (like this waxed leather beauty) or opt for something simpler in canvas, the bag will be with you for life.

Silver Cuff

$230 at Stag Provisions

The silver cuff can be a real show-stopper, but it’s not always simple to find one that gels with your personal style. This one from Brooklyn-based LHN Jewelry—simple, elegant, and sharp as a diamond—will complement just about any style.

Luxury ($500+)

For those who have everything, only the best will do. If you’ve got a hard-to-please denimhead on your hands, these big-time pieces will do the trick and then some.

Real McCoy’s Tote Bag

$920 at Clutch Café

Bags have always been one of the most stylish accoutrements, and this one from Real McCoy’s will turn even a sombre outfit into a true show-stopper. Big enough to carry just about anything and made with enough care and precision to work with top-shelf pieces of all kinds.

AirPods Pro Case

$685 at Good Art Hlywd

For the man or woman who has literally everything else. Handmade in Los Angeles, each case takes about four weeks to make. If you’re looking for something a touch more practical, Good Art’s bracelets, pendants, and rings are a great place to start.

You can also get a wide selection of Good Art Hlywd at Iron Heart.

Sashiko Varsity Jacket

$1250 from Nine Lives

The varsity jacket has enjoyed a massive revival in the past few years. While great makers like Dehen produce the classics exceptionally well, Nine Lives takes the varsity to new heights with this combination of Japanese steer and hand-dyed sashiko. A true-blue masterpiece.

N1 Deck Jacket

$750 from Iron Heart

The N1 Deck Jacket was developed for American marines sailing in northern waters during WWII, and it remains one of the best pieces of rugged outerwear you can find. If your gift-giving target needs a new foul-weather friend, put this one in your sights.

Denim Shearling

$1000 from Freenote

In terms of well-made denim jackets, it just doesn’t get any better than this. The bulletproof combination of 20 oz. denim and shearling make this jacket an ideal companion for road warriors. Whether you beat it or baby it, this incredible piece will just get better with age.

Red Moon Long Wallet

$630 at Clutch Café

While some guys like to keep their wallets concealed, others want to make the wallet a key part of their look. Go with the natural leather if the man in question wants to add his own patina.

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