Must-Follow Instagrammers: Dutch Denim Dudes

23 Instagram Feeds Run by Dutch Denimheads You Should Follow

Et opslag delt af Robin Denim (@robindenim) den

Robin Meijerink @robindenim and @robindenimfades

Robin is the uncrowned king of denim fades on Instagram. He’s built one of the most influential feeds, mainly by reposting fades from all around the world. When I first met him a couple of years ago, he was already at 40k followers!

On the back of his successful Instagram, Robin’s created blog, collaborated with brands, and much more. Lately, as he’s turned to original content with of photos taken mainly by @hansjellema and @koenkuik, he converted his personal account to @robindenimfades.

Et opslag delt af Hans Jellema (@hansjellema) den

Hans Jellema @hansjellema

Et opslag delt af Βert (@bvo_66) den

Bert van Orden @bvo_66

Bert has what’s probably some of the most famous feet on Instagram. His primary photo location is in front of the grey brick wall you see above.

He got into Instagram in 2014 when his two kids started an account. “When I saw them active on it, I felt it was something for me too,” he writes to me in an email. “I like the way Instagram lets me meet like-minded denimheads from all over the world,” he adds.

His favourite feature of jeans is the honeycombs. “I love the journey from unwashed selvedge denim to well worn (never washed) denim. It’s always exciting to see how the denim fades over time.”

Jerry van Vorstenbos @vorstenbos

Jerry is the supervisor of five Levi’s stores spread across the Netherlands. He’s been collecting Levi’s since 2013. “I started out buying everything from Levi’s that I liked. Later on, I specialised in LVC. And now, I’m on the look for real vintage Levi’s from the 40s, 50s and 60s.”

I started with Instagram around three years ago. A colleague suggested I should post my collection, instead of keeping the pictures to myself.”

Back then, the denim community on Instagram was tighter, he recalls. “You saw all the same guys commenting on each other and sharing info about fits, fabrics, new brand and so on.” He used to make outfit grids every single day. “Now, I just post one jacket or something I’m wearing at the moment.”

His single most favourite feature of jeans is the back pockets. And, “as a big fan of LVC,” he adds, “I’m also going to say something that will piss off true denimheads: I enjoy a good factory fade.”

Wouter Munnichs @longjohn_denimblog

Wouter’s been working in denim ever since he helped open the first Diesel store in the Netherlands in the early 90s. He’s had several sales and marketing jobs over the years. Since 2011, he’s been blogging at Long John. Next to that, he freelances as a denim and retail specialist, focusing on creating unique content for brands and retailers.

Instagram is important his business because, as he writes to me via email, “it’s the perfect tool to share your passion, to connect with like-minded people, and to get inspired by others.”

His favourite feature of jeans is the denim fabric itself, and the process of fading it. “It feels a bit magical as you get more connected to your jeans day by day. It gets more beautiful and reflects your lifestyle.”

Check out the course How to Sell Jeans that I’ve created together with Wouter here.

Michael van Hal @redwingcollector

If you’ve been following Denimhunters since the early days, you know Michael; he was one of the first guest bloggers I worked with, joining me at various trade shows taking photos. “As a photographer, Instagram is one of the best apps to share my work with the followers.”

When he’s not taking photos, Michael works in denim retail, which he’s done since 2004. For the past couple of years, he’s been the assistant manager at the Lee store in Utrecht.

He’s also a super dedicated Red Wing collectors; owning what’s probably one of biggest collections in Europe, currently at 68 pairs!

Et opslag delt af Dave Edwards (@mred1970) den

Dave Edwards @mred1970

Dave Edwards is a denim designer who I first got to know when Michael van Hal did a photoshoot with him a few years back. Dave’s worked with denim since 1989.

At first, I was selling jeans. Later on, I bought a sewing machine and began to customise my denim.”

After doing that for a few years, he got the opportunity to head up the denim program for Petrol Industries, which he still does.

Dave’s on Instagram because it’s an easy way to meet people that share his passion. His favourite feature of jeans is the history behind all the details.

Edwin @edwin028 and @dutchdenimrepair

Et opslag delt af Jason (@jasonvanpul) den

Jason @jasonvanpul

Jason works at a creative agency as a strategic consultant. His passion for raw denim started in 2013. “Prior to that, I hated wearing raw denim,” he admits. “I thought it was too stiff. Can you imagine?”

He’s on Instagram because it’s a very easy platform to use. “It’s one of the few places where the international denim community interacts. Brands and fans alike. It’s a great place to keep track of all that happens in the denim world.”

Jeans have so many great features,” he rightfully points out, “which makes it near impossible to pick a favorite. But I’d go for fabric.”

Matthijs van Veen @willemdezwijger

Matthijs is the Dutch Wrangler sales rep. He got into raw denim when he bought a pair of Nudie Regular Ralfs, years ago. “I was curious about the denim, which was heavier and crispier than what I used to wear.” He did some research, and he was hooked on denim.

He’s on Instagram because “it’s a great way to showcase new find or denim pieces from my archive,” as he writes. “If you’re taking pictures of it anyway, why not share them with others who also appreciate denim.” It’s also a great way to kill time when you’ve got nothing better to do, he adds. Amen!

He doesn’t have one favourite feature of jeans. But what got him interested in denim was the functionality innovations that’ve been introduced in the past, like sanforized overalls, the broken twill fabric or the elastic straps in Wrangler jackets.

Et opslag delt af pol (@polhoutkamp) den

Pol Houtkamp @polhoutkamp

Pol’s the Dutch sales rep for Lee, where he’s worked since 1989. “When I started at Lee, we only sold rinsed, stonewashed and bleached jeans.” But after he started digging through the company’s history, he learned that the jeans used to be dry denim.

“I was addicted to the dry Lee products and the great personal worn-in look I saw on old pictures.” But, at the time, there was no demand. It wasn’t until a few years later the first 101 dry denim came in the collection.

Since then, that’s all he’s been wearing, and he’s built quite a collection on his own worn-in Lee jeans and jackets, some of which you’ll see on his feed.

Et opslag delt af Morteza ( den


Koen Kuik @koenkuik

Koen’s building a name for himself as a Photoshop wizard on Instagram with posts of melting Red Wings and denim jackets with hands.

You can read his story in his Blue Blooded Q&A.

Jeroen Bredewold @jeroenbredewold

For the past year, since the store opened, Jeroen’s been a sales coordinator and denim repair guy at @nudiejeansamsterdam. Before that, I worked five years at Levi’s. Next to that, he also runs the Dutch denim blog, @bluerootsofficial together with Koen.

He’s on Instagram because, as he writes, “It’s the best way to get in touch with like-minded people, and getting inspired. You just gotta love Instagram!”

Et opslag delt af Lars Brouwer (@lrsbrwr) den

Lars Brouwer @lrsbrwr

Lars describes himself as a guy who loves old stuff. He lives in an old town, in an old house, with old furniture. “It radiates personality,” he writes. That’s how he got into denim.

Through Instagram, he gets inspired by others who share this fascination on denim. “And an output for my enthusiasm, and it’s a great and easy way to connect.”

His favourite feature of jeans is that they can tell a story. “Three years ago, me and a friend bought the exact same Denham jeans. Now, they couldn’t be more different!”

Et opslag delt af AppieDenim (@appiedenim) den

Abdel El Chami @appiedenim

Abdel was encouraged to set up an Instagram account by Robin Meijerink. “I was talking to my good friend @robindenim about a Sherpa Levi’s jacket. This conversation ended in the question why I shouldn’t start an account?”

The great thing about Instagram, he argues, is that you’ll meet tons of people who share the same love for style and denim. “I met so many amazing people on Instagram, and it feels like I am meeting my buddies every day.”

His favourite feature of jeans is the denim. “I appreciate it when a denim is worn out, it tells its own story. Just amazing to see the progress.”

Stephan Bodeman @stephanbodeman

Stephan’s describes himself as the type of guy who’d rather spend his money on one really special item than ten mediocre ones. In 2006, he got a taste of the emerging raw denim scene in Holland after he’d bought his first pair of Red Wing Engineer boots.

The sales guy immediately reacted to the boots. He told me all about denim, raw denim, the ridiculous number of pants he owned, and how he never washed them.”

His fascination with denim only grew after he set up his Instagram account in 2016. “I think my denim addiction went into overdrive when I went on Instagram!”

Like so many other Instagrammers I talk to, it’s the community that keeps Stephan hooked. “Everybody is so nice, liking, commenting, even dm-ing. It’s like meeting new friends.” At last year’s Amsterdam Denim Days festival, he met some of them in real life, “like Victor (aka @selvedge1) and Ruedi, the legendary Swiss Jeans Freak.”

Bram Kainama @victimofheritage

Bram is the Art Director and owner of TakeTwo, a branding agency.

He says he’s always been a bit of fashion dude, but when he bought a pair of RRL slim fits about four years ago, a whole new world opened up for him. “I was instantly in love!”

He’s on Instagram because “it’s a great place to meet people who share the same passion. It’s also a place to get inspired by others.”

Marcus Freeman @thebrutesupplyco

Marcus is content strategist from London who relocated to Amsterdam a year ago. He started the blog The Brute Supply to share his love for apparel and stylish, hard-wearing quality goods, he writes in email to me.

“I saw Instagram as a great way to express what I’m passionate about, and also the perfect place to explore your interests. It just happens to also be the best place to connect with like-minded people.”

His favourite feature of jeans is the patch. “It might be a bit of cliché, but I believe a brand truly ingrains a part of their personality into the patch.”

Raoul van Wezel @indigo.snorter

From a young age, Raoul’s been interested in street fashion. “I started building my sneaker collection at the age of 14.” At 15, he started working in retail, and that’s when he fell in love with denim. “To sell the jeans, I had to dive into their history.” He had to learn how they’re made, what makes a good fit, and so on.

Ever since he discovered Nudie years ago, he’s been wearing raw denim. “I was fascinated by the personalised look of dry jeans after intense wear.” Soon after, he learned about selvedge denim. “I started with the iconic Regular Ralf, which I still own after +14 years. And I haven’t bought a dry denim that wasn’t selvedge ever since.”

He started his @indigo.snorter because he was flooding his personal account with denim-related things.

Et opslag delt af Hidde Demoed (@hiddedemoed) den

Hidde Demoed @hiddedemoed

Hidde is 22-year-old denimhead from Rotterdam who currently works at a campsite in Norway. “I enjoy outdoor activities and exploring.”

His favourite feature of jeans is the rawness of the fabric. “The way the denim fades really gives an impression of how a person wears his or her jeans.”

Besides denim and the great outdoors, he’s into tattoos and barber shops. “I go to the local barber shop twice a month. It’s not just about being stylish, the atmosphere of the barbershops makes me feel at home.”

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Featured image by Amsterdam Denim Days.


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