…and How Stores Like Rivet and Hide’s Online and Physical Shopfronts Complement the Customer Experience

In this second episode of our series about the Future of Retail, I’ll talk about the growing role of e-commerce and how retailers are using it along with bricks-and-mortar stores to augment their sales and shopping experience.

I touched lightly upon the role e-commerce plays when it comes to mono- vs multi-branded stores in the first episode of the series. With it is playing such a significant role in today’s retail experience, many attribute it as a reason for the decline of physical stores. I delve deeper into what the ‘rise of online’ means for retailers, and how they can—and already are—using a digital shopfront to complement their supplement their traditional sales strategies.
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Online Stores Reach A Wider Audience

Think of your local denim store.  If you’re like me, and you visit it quite often, you’ll start seeing the same faces there again and again. While this repeat custom from locals can be attributed to a well-designed shopping experience, one of the fundamental limitations of physical stores is that they have a limited sphere of influence.


Felix Pecarski is a denim enthusiast from London who now calls Stockholm home. He gets particularly excited about early and mid 20th century cultural icons and the history that lies behind the world’s most popular garment.

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