Q&A with Suzie aka @denimbitch

The denim business is a man’s world. Especially the rugged heritage and raw denim niches. But it’s not all guys. Back in July, I did a post with 23 ladies in denim that I’d recommend you to follow.

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One of them is a true Blue Blood, through and through. She wears her raw denim uniform better than most guys. I’ve talked about Suzie aka @denimbitch, of course.

Today, she answers by Blue Blooded Q&A in a quick and dirty fashion, which perfectly reflects how she runs her Instagram.

Et opslag delt af suzie (@denimbitch) den

What’s your story

Name: Suzie

Birth year: 1976

Location: Oakland, CA

Profession: Mental health therapist, TV news photographer, home staging assistant

I have a pretty relaxed life. Other than my three jobs, I spend my time with my partner and our two cats in Oakland, mainly in the back garden lounging, grilling and drinking, or taking mini-vacations.

My hobbies are neighborhood walks, beach-going, hikes, drinking coffee/tea, eating good food.

Suzie Instagram Routines

Thomas: How did it all start with your Instagram feed?

Suzie: It evolved. At first, I didn’t know what to use my Instagram for. But then my jeans or boots made appearances, and I started posting more on the stuff I was wearing. I never did full body shots or pics of my face, then I did, now I mostly don’t again.

Et opslag delt af suzie (@denimbitch) den

T: Why Instagram? What are your goals?

S: I have no real goal other than reaching 5k (which she just did!). I like Instagram to connect with other folks who like the same things as me.

T: How much time do you spend on Instagram on a daily basis?

S: Maybe two hours total off and on. I don’t use editing tools or tricks on my photos. I try to keep it real simple and natural. I don’t like anything too produced or edited, it feels like cheating to me.

T: How do you take your photos?

S: By myself, with a timer, and anything I can use to lean my phone on! ?

T: Which tools do you use?

S: iPhone X.

Et opslag delt af suzie (@denimbitch) den

T: What’s your editorial flow?

S: It’s really off the cuff, spontaneous. If I don’t feel like posting a pic or taking a pic, I don’t. I usually take my pics after I get my coffee in the morning at my local coffee shop.

T: Do you make it a priority to post on a regular schedule?

S: Really, it’s only when I feel like it, I try not to pressure myself to post. Getting a coffee helps remind me ?

T: What are your favourite locations to take photos? And why?

S: In front of cool buildings, cars or graffiti. I like colourful backgrounds, ones that really pop. Or ones that are neutral so you can really see what I’m wearing.

Et opslag delt af suzie (@denimbitch) den

Suzie Denim Style and Jeans Routine

T: What is your favourite feature of jeans?

S: Back pockets, definitely. They can really make or break a pair of denim. Pockets too small, nope! Pockets at weird angles, nope!

T: How do you wash your denim?

S: I don’t, I only soak inside out in the tub with some agitation.

T: What’s your favourite fit? And what’s your least favourite fit?

S: Higher rise or mid rise with straight or slim straight leg. I hate skinny jeans and low rise now. Although I used to think they were good, they weren’t comfortable at all.

Et opslag delt af suzie (@denimbitch) den

T: Which boots and leather goods do you wear with your denim?

S: I wear a mix of Red Wing, Lofgren, White’s, Zip Stevenson and Mister Freedom, Ewing Dry Goods and vintage belts.

T: Which sneakers do you wear?

S: Just Converse, only sometimes, though.

T: Favourite item that’s not denim or leather?

S: Real McCoys T-shirts.

T: Where do you buy your gear?

S: Standard & Strange is my go-to since it’s a few blocks from my house, but I try to buy from other places too, like The Shop Vancouver, Snake Oil Provisions, General Quarters and the Mister Freedom store.

T: What styling tips would you give your followers?

S: Just be yourself, wear what you want, what feels good on you. Sometimes I like to wear street clothes and sometimes I like to look more heritage. It’s important to wear what you want and express yourself in the clothing you wear.


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