Blue Blooded Q&A: Shane Brandenburg

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Get to know Shane Brandenburg, a face from the Blue Blooded Portfolio

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Shane’s portrait in the Blue Blooded Portfolio

Shane Brandenburg


At the moment Berlin and Hamburg


As one of the founders of Selvedge Run the trade show for quality garments and lifestyle goods from around the world, I’ve worked as the sales manager for the past five years.

My new project with two partners is a new and very unique denim shop in Hamburg. The only Iron Heart store outside of Japan and hopefully not the last.



Shane’s path into the denim business

Thomas: How did you get into (the world of) denim?

Shane: My first job after my education at the school of fashion in Frankfurt was a job for a German Surf and Lifestyle brand. During this time, I got to know the G-Star people and how I got a job as a sales manager. That was about 25 years ago.

T: What was your first pair of jeans?

S: Oh man, I don’t know the name, but it was a total hippie flare with two different jeans colours. My first brand of jeans that I can remember a pair of Chevignon or Appaloosa jeans.

T: When did you know you were ‘hooked’ on raw denim?

S: This was at G-Star at the time when they started the G-Star Raw series. I remember wearing the first “US First” in selvedge raw with the leg of my jeans turned up.

At that time, everyone was wearing the same washed Levi’s, Diesel or Replay jeans. Since then I have never worn pre-washed jeans.

T: What is your favourite thing about raw denim?

S: To experience your own development of denim and that you don’t have to wash jeans often. Jeans always fit when, how and where.

Blue Blooded Portfolio, oddhunt©, Denimhunters, male portrait, Shane Brandenburg, Selvedge Run, Iron Heart, Iron Heart Hamburg,
Shane and his business partner at Iron Heart Hamburg, Giuli.

Shane’s views on the denim business

T: Which denim brands inspire you? And why?

S: Definitely Iron Heart because Haraki-San did something different. This extreme claim to quality and value is unique.

I’m also a big fan of Indigofera and have a special relationship with the bran, because I wrote the first order worldwide for the brand and my former shop Burg & Schild. Great brand and people.

Then there’s Japanese denim brand, Stevenson Overall Co. and his art to convert vintage ideas and styles into current and timeless clothes. In general, I’m a big fan of Japanese denim brands and I could list a lot of others.

T: Which denim retailers inspire you? And why?

S: Clearly VMC in Zurich. Not only because they’ve been very good friends of mine for a long time but also because they have inspired and motivated me to enter the retail business from the beginning.

In the US, I respect Kiya and Self Edge a lot, he was the first selling Japanese denim brands in there. Great shops and very professional.

Shane defines his denim style

T: What do you never leave home without? And why?

S: In addition to my clothes, I actually have nothing that I always have to have with me. Well, unfortunately, the stupid phone.

T: List 3 of your favourite garments or accessories and (try to) explain how they define your style

S: Black old boots, straight-cut selvedge jeans, a simple white (or black) t-shirt, and a washed-out gray sweater. I’m sorry, that’s four garments, but if I could only choose those four pieces for the rest of my life. That’s it.

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  1. Hi Thomas,

    First of all Thank you for your work in the denim industy.

    I just read your article and ordered today my next
    Iron Heart. I think it is the really best jeans company in the world.
    The concept is great and all you Need.

    say hello to shane, i Sold him and kai DOCKERS Chinos many years ago haha …

    Best Jan

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